Saturday, October 22, 2016

New Halloween Goodies For The Saturday Sale!

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Hair is from Wasabi Pills.
Fitted mesh Physique Hourglass body is from Slink.
Bibi Mesh Head is from Catwa.
Helli Catwa Applier, Helli Chapstick Applier,  
Slink Hourglass Mesh Body appliers are from TSG. 
Eyes are from Chop Shop.
Sylph Ears, hat and clothing are from Epic!


The Saturday Sale is upon us and I decided Epic should have some cute new Halloween goodies for 75L or less! But first, I'd like to talk about the inspiration of the promo picture above. This picture means a great deal to me. It was inspired by T.Swift's "Bad Blood" video ft. Kendrick Lamar. I have T.Swifts album with this song and loved it, but without Kendrick Lamar's rap lyrics. So this week for the very first time I saw the video and OMG, his rap was ALL this guy was and what he did to me who I just got rid of. He lied, treated me like crap making promises he had no intention of keeping, and he ALWAYS minimized my feelings. He claimed he was abused in the past but I don't think so. Things never added up when he said things to me. See, with all the abuse I've experienced with my long term lying and cheating ex-boyfriend, I would NEVER treat someone else like that. I quickly learned with the help of my therapist that not everyone is like me. Not everyone thinks like me, or does things like me. Ok, I get that now. I grew up with a very nurturing mom. So sometimes I feel I have a huge target on my back when I attract these kinds of abusive men. But the truth is, I attract them because I'm highly empathetic, kind and nurturing and one would quickly see that if they started talking to me. I'm the girl that sees a stray cat and wants to take them in instantly to take care of them! Men like that prey on women like me because it's essentially easy for them. I see that now. I have no problem taking about my history with abusive men, and this person came up a lot in my sessions with my therapist. She didn't think knowing this man, whoever her was was a good idea. And my friends also agreed. But I didn't care, he was smart, interesting and funny. All things looking back I know were mostly just an act to get into my pixel pants so to speak. Granted it took 6 months to let go, but my therapist sees the bright side of this even when I can't sometimes. It's better to lose 6 months than almost 9 years like I did with my abusive ex-boyfriend.So I cut him out of my life. To be honest he made it easy. He vanished for almost 3 months without a word. Not. One. Word. So during this time I was able to work on me. Become strong when it comes to seeing men like this come across my path. See, when he came back and apologized AGAIN for his disappearing act (Yeah this wasn't the 1st time.). But now I felt nothing. At first I let him back in, but as I said, I felt nothing. Something I prayed so hard for and finally came one day. I just didn't have the energy to pretend that I still liked him as a friend, or even as a human being. So I shut it down and he's out of my life for good this time! (Yes this also isn't the 1st time I tried to get rid of him either.) But there it is. I'm finally free and feeling badass still! It's a great feeling that I hope everyone woman that's been through hell can feel. DESERVES to feel! So there you have it. I hope you like it as much did making it! I also got to learn how to make metal text in PS for this! I just had to get this off my chest. Thanks for listening! Now on to the new releases! But first this kick ass video...

Ok, now new for The Saturday Sale! Creepy cute Halloween Off-Shoulder Dress & Witch's Hat Sets in 3 styles! Sets are mesh body compatible (Wearing Slink Physique Hourglass in the promo card above!) and include in 5 sizes, one fit mesh size and a matching un-rigged mesh Witches Hat with a resize script. Get them for only 75L a set THIS WEEKEND ONLY!!! But wait there's more!

Hair is from Magika.

There's also a low scripted Kawaii Witch's Broom for only 50L available too! Ok, that's it for now! On deck, Suicide Dollz! Until next time!

- Jade

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