Sunday, June 19, 2016

Barbs, Bows & Poison Oh My! New @ Suicide Dollz!

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Hair is from Taketomi
Fitted mesh breasts are from Sinful Needs.
Fitted mesh Hourglass body & hands are from Slink.
Mizu Mesh Head, Skin, and Hourglass Mesh Body applier, 
Mirage breast applier are from TSG.
Eyes are from Chop Shop.
Horns, necklace, bodysuit, shorts, faun ears & legs are from Epic!

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The new round of Suicide Dollz just opened and Epic has some new creepy cute faun exclusives out right now! New Barbs, Bows & Poison Faun Legs in 3 different colors for Omega!

Legs come with an Omega Outfit Applier, resize scripts, faun leg attachments and pixie sparkles. Get these creepy kawaii faun legs ONLY @ the new round of Suicide Dollz which is open right now! On deck, some main store releases. Until next time!

- Jade

Posted by Jade at 7:14 PM

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