Thursday, November 19, 2015

New @ Epic!

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It's been awhile, but Epic has so much new super cute stuff out right now! New un-rigged mesh Bubble Bow Boots & Bubble.Bow Heels for Slink High Feet in oodles of colors! Mesh body compatible, both heels and boots come with a resize script and full bright option.

Heels come in 21 colors & the boots come in 20 colors! AND 4 new colors have been added to Epic's color palette! Don't worry though, soon there will be more clothing and accessories to match them! Also, get both fat packs at 50% off now throughout Saturday! Ok, that's it for now... On deck some super cute limited editions with VERY limited copies available! Until next time!

- Jade

Posted by Jade at 12:07 PM

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