Wednesday, July 01, 2015

New Epic Gifts For New Group Slots!

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Parasols are from Epic!


I don't know about you, but a few days ago I noticed that we now have more group slots! So I decided it was time to spoil my EPICuties old and new! New & exclusively for Epic's paid group VIP members, scripted mesh Ice Cream Parasols in 16 (4 packs of 4) yummy colors! These parasols match Epic's popular Sweet.Icing Heels for Slink High Feet!

Made to match Epic's Sweet.Icing heels, these parasol gift packs come with an optional holding animation, falling particle sprinkles you can turn on/off and a resize script. Get all of these for FREE if you're already an Epic VIP paid group member OR join the Epic VIP group for 500L and get these and oodles of other presents available right now! (Over 50 gifts are out right now in the VIP section!) Ok, that's it for now! On deck a new main store release!

- Jade

Posted by Jade at 4:16 PM

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