Friday, June 05, 2015

New Epic Limited Editions  & An EPIC Mini Sale!

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Shoes are from Epic!


Happy June! I've been more irl of late but don't worry, I didn't forget about you SL! After all that I've been through, things are finally happening, really good things too! Anyway, by request there are 2 new limited editions exclusives that are are mesh body compatible that are now available at the main store!

New limited edition unrigged mesh Rainbow.Sk8.or.Die Stompers in baby pink & black! These LE packs come with 2 pairs of boots, one with matching super kawaii heart particle trails as you walk and one without (both comes with a removable resize script). AND the pack includes an optional skating animation add-on that animates when you walk and stop! ONLY 75 copies will be sold, then they will be gone forever! But wait, there's more...

Also by request, limited edition unrigged mesh Rainbow Star.Stomp Boots in black pastel! Boots match Epic's clothing and accessories palette and comes with resize scripts & optional kawaii star particles that trail when you walk! There are still copies available out of the 75 so don't forget to grab them! But wait, one more thing! An Epic mini sale! That's right! Epic's 1st newness sale! All new & newish items (does not include LEs) available in the main store lobby has been marked down 50% off! That's every new exclusive including gatchas and fat packs too! That's Epic's popular mesh succubus wings, mesh stompers and so much more! Ok, that's it for now, happy shopping! On deck another main store release!

- Jade

Posted by Jade at 5:27 PM

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