Saturday, May 09, 2015

Sk8 or Die Bishes!

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Boots are from Epic!


It took a bit but Epic's new Sk8.or.Die Stompers are out right now! I've always wanted to release roller skates so I'm very happy with these because they are different! Anyway, new at the main store & Depraved Nation's Thrift Shop 9.0 (May 9th - 30th), un-rigged mesh SK8.or.Die Stompers in 13 creepy cute colors! This stompers are mesh body compatible with some neat add-ons!

Click here for a taxi to Thrift Shop 9.0!

Get Ice only @ Thrift Shop 9.0 for 50% off, AND get the other 12 colors at the main store at 100L off!

These packs of creepy stompers comes with 2 pairs of boots, one with matching  kawaii skull particle trails as you walk and one without (both comes with a removable resize script). AND the pack includes an optional skating animation add-on that animates when you walk and stop! I hope you love them, as much as I loved working on them!

- Jade

Posted by Jade Winthorpe at 2:30 PM

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