Wednesday, January 07, 2015

Epic is Super Creepy Cute 4 anyBODY!

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 Hair is from Spellbound.
Mesh boobies are from Lolas.
Fitted mesh body is from WowMeh (Not available!)
Mizu Mesh Head, Ears, Skin, and WowMeh are from TSG.
Eyes are from Chop Shop.
Fangs, Slink nails & clothing are from Epic!


The January round of anyBODY opens today and I have so many super creepy goodies out right now! New & exclusive super creepy cute mesh Drippy Bat Sweater Dresses & Skelly Combat Creeper Boots in 6 gooey colors!

Dresses comes in 5 sizes with a 6 color Texture-Changing/Tango HUD, and the boots come in 6 gooey colors, 3 sizes and an un-rigged version with resize scripts to match!

 Click here for a taxi to anyBODY!

As always, these items are created "E" for everyone, so you don't need mesh bodies or boobies (Un-rigged boobies can only be worn with the dress for a proper fit!) to wear these new items! Boots and dresses are mesh body compatible too! Please try a demo before you buy! Ok, that's it for now! On deck OMGacha and the January round of The Big Show!

- Jade

Posted by Jade Winthorpe at 9:22 AM

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