Saturday, May 17, 2014

Just A Lil' Bit Dark Kawaii at The Dark Style Fair!

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Hair is from Exxess.
Mesh boobies are from Lolas.
Fitted mesh body is from WowMeh.
Rigged mesh hands are from Slink. 
Skin, eyes, WowMeh, Lolas, Slink boobie appliers are from TSG.
Sylph ears, nails, fangs & clothing are from Epic!


The Dark Style Fair just started today, and Epic has so many new Dark Kawaii goodies out right now! I wanted to do something a little dark, but fun and kawaii, basically Epic's take on the "Dark Style", hope you like it!

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New and exclusive for The Dark Style Fair (May 17th - June 7th) Octopussy Bodysuits in 8 different colors that match Epic's bright & fun clothing, shoes and accessories palette! The packs includes SL clothing layers and applier HUDs for WowMeh, Tango/Lush and Azz! As usual, these suits are created "E" for you everyone, so you don't have to have mesh body parts to wear them! I'll admit, they are a tad vulgar, but very funny! I was inspired by recent Facebook events that had my lady parts ragin' so I went with it! But wait, there's more!

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 I haven't made scripted umbrellas (or parasols shall I say) in ages, and it's time I made some very different from my usual fair that is mesh! So, new and exclusive mesh One-Eyes Monster & Katty Kat Umbrellas for The Dark Style Fair!

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 Each style comes with 2 umbrellas that comes with and without a holding animation. Packs are available in 4 colors, with resize scripts and falling particle rain you can turn on and off. Get these dark and cute accessories too only at The Dark Style Fair! Ok, that's it for now, now I get to have a few days off, right now gonna watch me some Penny Dreadful, woot! Click below for a SLurl to The Dark Style Fair, happy shopping!

 Click here for a taxi to The Dark Style Fair!

- Jade

Posted by Jade Winthorpe at 9:46 PM

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