Thursday, May 01, 2014

Fantasy Faire 2014 is Epic! \☺/

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Hair is from LCKY.
Skin, eyes, bootie & boobie appliers are from TSG.
Sylph ears, crown, wings, shoes, watch, necklace,
Mr. Toasty Moustache & dress are from Epic!


It's official ladies and gentleman, Fantasy Faire 2014 (May 1st - 11th) is here and open! That's right the gates have opened with 11 beautifully designed sims for you to explore and relay! If I recall, last year Fantasy Faire raised over $36,000 USD for Relay For Life & The American Cancer Society, and this year we can do better! After all the years I've been a part of Fantasy Faire, this year Epic got a sponsor spot (WOOT)! So... You know what that means! Got to come harder with my exclusives and I think I did a pretty good job this year! Since you all liked the "make your own fairy" outfits I did last year, I decided to do it again this year but better! So first up we have my rigged mesh Sparkle Faery Tutu Dress! The dresses come in 5 sizes and in 15 different colors, and includes SL white cotton panties for modesty, and applier HUDs for Tango/Lush/vString and Cute Azz. Get them for 219L each, with sunlight and peridot in the RFL vendors! Not only are these dresses great to wear without wings, I kept these simple because it's really about the wings too!

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Wings you say? That's right, I also made some new and exclusive hand-painted, high-resolution flexi flapping wings too! These Celestial Butterfly Sparkle Wings come in 16 different colors, and has falling pixie dust you can turn on and off! Unlike older wings, these new wings come with wings for Petites and regular avatars! I would have to say these are my most favorite wings I've ever made, but wait, there's more!

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I've always loved chibi wings, and they've been made in SL in so many neat ways like sculpts and mesh, I wanted to try something I've never seen here before and draw & paint them! These Sparkle Chibi Wings also comes in 16 different colors, and has the same bells and whistles as the Celestial Butterfly Sparkle Wings! If you're wondering how they are so crisp and clear in SL, it's because I draw/paint the texture at a higher dpi (dots per inch) than my other textures. It's about twice the dpi and I think that's a perfect fit for wing making in SL! (For me anyway.) So there you have it, all of my Fantasy Faire 2014 goodies! I hope you like them, I had a lot of fun, some tears and lost sleep making these exclusives lol! So come on down and explore, have fun and relay, woot! And make sure to check out all 11 sims because the builds are AMAZING! SLurls and Fantasy Faire links are at the bottom of this post. On deck, The Big Show, have fun! *waves*

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Click here to visit the Fantasy Faire official website!
Click here to visit Epic @ Fantasy Faire!

- Jade

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