Saturday, March 01, 2014

Bringing in March with WCF3!

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It's all about rainbows and stripes! Whore Couture Fair 3 (March 1st - 31st) just opened today and this year Epic is a sponsor! I wanted to make my exclusives this year sweet, fun and sexy with a little bit of whimsy thrown in for good measure so I started out with rainbows and stripes! Sooo new & exclusive for WCF3 Cute n' Phat Toe Socks n' Wedges in 7 ultimate fat packs exclusively for Cute & Phat Azz! (Sorry guys, but textures are so much crisper on mesh and I put a lot of love and days into painting these socks so I had to do them justice!) These adorable packs include rigged mesh toe socks and wedges in 5 sizes, applier HUDs for Cute/Phat Azz, and a strap and wedge base texture-changing HUD so you can mix n' match oodles of colors!

I also packed them up in my old school way and brought back my yummy, fun and essential color packs back! So, each basic and striped set comes with 4 pairs of socks and a bigger texture-changing HUD with 20 strap colors so you can wear them with pretty much everything! But wait there's more! Even though these socks and wedges are the star of the show so to speak, I just had to make some cute clothing sets to go with them too!

Hair is from Wasabi Pills. 
Skin, eyes, bootie & boobie appliers are from TSG.
Sylph ears & clothing are from Epic!

New and exclusive Summer Sweet Sets in 3 color fat packs! Packs include structured tube tops in 4 colors and high-waisted booty shorts on SL clothing layers, and has Tango/Lush applier HUDs and Cute/Phat Azz applier HUDs.

These sets are made to match my Cute n' Phat Toe Socks n' Wedges packs so have fun coming up with different color combinations! Get all of these sweet and sexy new goodies only @ WCF3! After the event the will be available at the store at regular price. Yeah you're saving Ls if you go now, woot! Okies, back to work, on deck The Big Show and I'm going to try to squeeze in a main store release, we'll see... Until next time!

- Jade

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