Thursday, January 30, 2014

Epic's January VIP Gifts are HERE!

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Hair is from Magika. 
Skin, eyes & hands appliers are from TSG.
Nails are from Hello Dave. 
Sylph ears, crown, neko backpack, sneakers amd clothing are from Epic!


Epic's January VIP paid group gifts are here! Since I love my animated 8-Bit Heart sneaker wedges so much, I've decided to make some adorable matching tops for those for you that bought the limited editions @ Project Limited recently! Sadly, (yet happily for me) the baby pink and black sneakers are sold out, but you still have a chance to grab the other 4 colors that goes with these tops!

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I have to admit, I just can't quit this mesh top because it's perfect! It fits boobies, Phat Azz, and Cute Azz perfectly too, so here we go again lol! New for the January VIP group gifts, 8-Bit Heart Cozy Off Shoulder Tops in 6 different colors that exclusively match Epic's 8-Bit Heart Sneaker Wedges! Tops come in 5 different sizes with a Tango/Lush applier HUD and a modifiable alpha. EPICuties get them in the main store lobby right now, don't forget to wear your tag! Ok, that's it for now. On deck, the Jack or Jill hunt, and a lot more stuff coming right after that, until next time!

- Jade

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Saturday, January 25, 2014

Project Limited, Wave 2!

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So we're half way through Depraved Nation's Project Limited which ends on the 31st, and there's a new wave of limited editions coming your way today! \o/ (Opens @ 12PM SLT!)

New animated 8-Bit Heart Sneaker Wedges in 6 different colors! Velcro straps lose life while you get trailing 8-Bit particle hearts while you walk! There will only be 65 copies of each color available, AND like the other limited editions at this event, all leftovers will be trashed! Ok, that's it for now because I have sooo much on deck lol, have a great weekend!

- Jade

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Friday, January 17, 2014

Epic @ Project Limited!

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Depraved Nation's Project Limited (January 17th - 31st) a limited edition fair, just started today and Epic has some total kawaii cuteness out right now! I've done a good amount of limited editions which all sold out this past summer, so I've decided to up the ante a bit since there are so many other kick ass designers in this event! All items will be trashed after this event whether they sell out or not, so let's get started...

New & exclusive Mr. Moustache Sparkle Kicks in 12 different colors! These sneakers are un-rigged mesh and comes with resize scripts and particle sparklies. They also match my hoodie sets I've released this week at Bodify & Lubbly Jubblies, Mr. Toasty Moustache buddies that are currently available @ OMGacha and Epic's clothing and accessory palette. There will be only 100 copies sold of each of these sneakers and then whatever is left I'm going to burn or trash them lol! But wait, there's more...

Also exclusively @ Project Limited, rigged mesh Neo-Trekker's Foot Gear Rainbow Packs in 6 bright & fun colors! These rainbow packs come with the usual bells and whistles, a modifiable alpha, rigged mesh leggings in 5 sizes, and hooves in black, brown & the overall pack color. Over the past several months I've got lots of notes asking about previous limited editions of my Neo-Trekker line, so here's your chance to buy these limited editions or forever hold your peace! Like the sneakers, there will only be 100 copies available in each color. Please remember these WILL NOT be available at the main store for purchase after this fair. I will be trashing all vendors whether they sell out or not. Ok, you have been warned lol! Phew, I'm exhausted and I'm going to take a few days off, I have soooo many events lined up for February plus I have January VIP group gifts to make, so until next time!

- Jade

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Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Epic @ Bodify & Lubbly Jubblies!

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Hair is from Lamb.
Skin, boobie, bootie, Slink appliers, eyes & shoes are from TSG.
Cute Azz is from Luck Inc.
Hands are from Slink.
Nails are from Hello Dave.
Sylph ears, clothing and crowns are from Epic!


So, in case you've been living under a pixelated rock lately, Cute Azz is finally here and I got my Elin shape with bigger boobies going on! CK, was kind enough to give me Cute Azz & I absolutely love it! It's cute AND it fits mesh standard sizing perfectly! So, to celebrate I have 2 new releases out right now that is ver Cute Azz compatible at the new January rounds of Lubbly Jubblies & Bodify!

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New & exclusive for Lubbly Jubblies, I ♥ Boobies! sets in 9 different colors! Sets come with a rigged mesh hoodie in 5 sizes, a modifiable alpha and applier HUDs for Tango/Lush & Cute Azz! Get these only @ the new round of Lubbly Jubblies, but wait, there's more...

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This is Epic's first round in the Bodify event and I just had to make some more cuteness for Cute Azz! Lost hearts sets in 9 colors too! These sets has the same bells & whistles as I ♥ Boobies! sets but are accented with black lines instead of white. Get these exclusives only @ Bodify right now! Ok, that's it for now, on deck Depraved Nation's Project Limited, woot!

- Jade

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Sunday, January 12, 2014

Epic @ The Boobies & Azz Show!

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Hair is from Lamb. 
Skin, boobie, bootie, Slink appliers & eyes are from TSG.
Sylph ears, clothing and accessories are from Epic!

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This post is a little late, but better late than never! So... The January rounds of The Azz Show & The Boobies Show just started and Epic has tons of sexy new cuteness out right now! So let's jump right on in! For The Boobies Show, smexy nurse sets in 8 different colors! I got a few requests to make a Phat Azz version of Epic's popular nurses uniforms and decided it's time to do some lingerie! These sets come with a bustier, rigged mesh panties in 5 sizes with an un-rigged version for Phat Azz, a nurses cap, kawaii stethoscope and a Tango/Lush applier HUD. Get these cute sets right now only @ TBS! But wait, there's more...

Hair is from Wasabi Pills. 
Skin, boobie, bootie, Slink appliers & eyes are from TSG.
Sylph ears and clothing are from Epic!

*Click here to visit The Azz Show!*

New and exclusive for The Azz Show, rigged mesh moto-lust bodysuits! Available in 9 colors, these bodysuits come in 7 different sizes, with 2 of them fitting Phat Azz! They also include a Tango/Lush applier HUD. Get these suits right now only at The Azz Show! Ok, I mangaged to keep this post short and sweet, now back to work! On deck, Lubbly Jubblies, Bodify & Project Limited, woot!

- Jade

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Wednesday, January 01, 2014

OMGacha, It's A New Year!

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Hair is from Exile. 
Skin, eyes, & boobie appliers are from TSG.
Sylph ears & crowns are from Epic!

Click here to visit OMGacha on the Jersey Shore sim!


Happy New Year everyone! It's the first day of 2014 and right out the gate I have lots of new event exclusives out right now! New & exclusive for OMGacha (January 1st - 31st), mesh sparkle pop queenie crowns in 30 different styles that come with particle sparkles and resize scripts! I set my favorites to rare so I hope you like them! But wait there's more...

Dress is from Epic!

New mesh Mr. Toasty Moustaches! These little buddies comes in 15 different colors and flies around you with flapping wings you can turn on & off! they also come with particle sparklies and resize scripts! See how they animate:

So there you have it! All of my goodies for OMGacha! I'm really glad to be a sponsor and a part of this event, there are so many awesome goodies from a bunch of great designers so check it out! On deck The Boobies Show and The Azz Show, toodles!

- Jade

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