Monday, December 02, 2013

It's a Winter Wonderland @ Perfect Wardrobe!

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Hair is from Exile. 
Skin, eyes, & bootie applier are from TSG.
Sylph ears and clothing are from Epic!


First off, I want to say you guys are probably getting really tired of seeing this sweater, but I love it so much because it's perfect for boobies and Phat Azz! Anyway, the Winter Wonderland session of Perfect Wardrobe just started today and as you can see I have more mesh cozy off-shoulder tops, pengy style!

Click here to visit Perfect Wardrobe!

These rigged mesh pengy cozy off-shoulder tops comes in 5 colors with an extra basic snow white color! Yesterday I realized that I didn't have a really bright version of these tops in white, so I decided to add that too! Tops come in 5 sizes, with a modifiable alpha and a Tango/Lush applier HUD. Get them for only 90L each for the next 2 weeks only at Perfect Wardrobe, after the round they will be available at the main store at regular price. OH! And this is the last day for Epic's 1st Break Even Event! So If you want to join the Epic VIP group for 500L, you will get 500L back in store credit instantly, now's your chance! After today, the store credit prezzie will poof until 2014! There are lots of events coming this week so I will just say what's on deck as I go... On deck: The Azz Show, until next time!

- Jade

Posted by Jade Winthorpe at 5:25 PM

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