Friday, December 06, 2013

It's All About Dat Azz @ The Azz Show!

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Both hairstyles are from Exile. 
Skin, eyes, & bootie appliers are from TSG.
Sylph ears, tails, helmet, goggles, horns, knee guard and clothing are from Epic!


Epic has so many new goodies and exclusives coming your way this month I'm just going to hop right on into! The December round of The Azz Show opened this yesterday and Epic has some cozy & holiday cuteness out right now! First off I want to say, I bet you're surprised I'm not wearing my boobies, but I am! You can hide Tango Mirage boobies via the menu so I did so my boobies are there in spirit! lol Anyway, new & exclusive @ The Azz Show, digi yoga pants in 12 different colors! These pants are made to match Epic's cute-tees that you can find at the main store. The pants come with and without hooves, Phat Azz appliers, a pants clothing layer, a modifiable alpha, a Phat Azz shoe base, fully modifiable Phat Azz invisiprims and for the first time ever hooves in black, brown AND white! Get them only @ The Azz Show right now! Now onto some holiday goodies...

Click here to visit The Azz Show!

I haven't worked on digi boots in a long time and must admit that Phat Azz has inspired me lol. So, there are new holiday shin kickers you can wear with Phat Azz too!

These new holiday shin kickers come in 3 colors: red, blue and black, 2 versions: pawed & hooved (hooves come in black, brown AND white), and both versions comes with and without hooves/paws. They also come with fully modifiable Phat Azz invisiprims, blinking holiday lights, an optional snow crunch sound that plays when you walk, AND trailing snowlfake particles as you walk too!

Oh and don't worry, I have some new cute holiday dresses coming out to match these, just you wait! Phew ok, that's it for now because I have a lot more work to do! On deck the December round of The Boobies Show! \o/

- Jade

Posted by Jade Winthorpe at 5:06 PM

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