Wednesday, November 13, 2013

New Main Store Goodies & Poppin' Tags!

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Hair is from Magika. 
Skin, hands & bootie appliers are from TSG.
Nails are from Hello Dave. 
Tattoo is from Alterego
Necklace is by: Umeko Shan
Elf ears, tail, horns, guitar & clothing are from Epic!


There's so many new things out right now @ Epic! It's been ages, but with so many events going on and coming soon I finally got to do a quick main store release!

Click here to visit Epic!

New at the main store button-fly digi jeans in 9 different washes that you can also wear with Phat Azz!

Jeans come with and without hooves in black and brown, SL clothing layers, a modifiable alpha and fully modifiable invisiprims that you can wear with Phat Azz! Get them right now at the main store! EPICuties, don't forget to wear your VIP group tag so you can get store credit back! Okies, and now onto poppin' some tags!

Click here to visit Epic @ The Thrift Shop!

A new round of Depraved Nation's Thrift Shop which ends December 1st, has just started and Epic has some way cute new exclusive there at 50% off!

New chocolate recolors of Epic's mesh melty cozy off-shoulder tops! Get it for 88L!

A new recolor of Epic's slouchie bow digi warmers in chocolate that can be worn with Phat Azz for 145L! And finally...

A new Phat Azz supa-dupa-lo bells fat pack for 299L! Get all of these goodies only at Thrift Shop with a lot more Epic items marked down 50% too! Ok, that's it for now! On deck: Lubbly Jubblies & Suicide Dollz!

- Jade

Posted by Jade Winthorpe at 12:35 PM

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