Tuesday, November 05, 2013

An Epic Perfect Wardrobe & The Azz Show!

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Hair is from Eaters Coma. 
Skin, hands & bootie appliers are from TSG.
Hands are from Slink.
Nails are from Hello Dave. 
Elf ears, tail, horns, guitars, boots, socks & clothing are from Epic!


New rounds of Perfect Wardrobe & The Azz Show have just started and Epic is all about THAT AZZ!

Click here to visit Epic @ The Azz Show!

When Phat Azz hit the grid an EPICutie asked me is there anyway they could wear Epic's digi legs with Phat Azz and now you can! It took a hunch, and you will have to go old school but I did it! So new and exclusive for the November round of The Azz Show, slouchie bow digi warmers in 14 new bright and fun colors! And yes I'm wearing Phat Azz thicker legs in this ad!

Packs come with and without hooves and hooves come in black and brown, a modifiable alpha, fully modifiable invisiprims and 2 shoe bases to wear with or without Phat Azz are also included. I also have some boots that has been Phat Azz tested also available @ The Azz Show and the are also labeled at the main store "Phat Azz compatible". To make your lives easier, there are freebie shoe base and invisiprim packs to wear with these boots at the main store in the digi section and the Azz Show. I will be Phat Azz testing as much as I can to see what other digi legs and boots from Epic can be worn, so please be patient I promise you I will get it done! Ok, enough about The Azz Show it's time for Perfect Wardrobe!

Click here to visit the NEW Perfect Wardrobe!

The new round of Perfect Wardrobe is Designers Choice, so I decided to make some more cuteness for my candy kick of late!

New mesh candy cowgirl boots in 10 different colors, which can be worn with Phat Azz too! Get them for 90L each only @ Perfect Wardrobe, after that they will be available at the main store at regular price! Ok, that's it for now, going to take the night off! On deck, Going Bust, Bewbapalooza and Thrift Shop. Until next time! \o/

- Jade

Posted by Jade Winthorpe at 8:36 PM

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