Thursday, October 10, 2013

Epic @ The Body Modification Expo!

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Hair is from Eep.. 
Skin, hands & bootie appliers are from TSG.
Foot piercings are from Adrenaliyn. @ The Body Mod Expo!
Collars are from Blah @ The Body Mod Expo!
Hands & feet are from Slink.
Nails are from Hello Dave. 
Elf ears, tail, guitar, chainsaw, helmet, knee/shoulder pads and clothing are from Epic!


Depraved Nation's Body Modification Expo (October 13th - November 3rd) just started today and Epic has something very kawaii exclusively for the fair!

Click here to visit Epic @ The Body Mod Expo!
 Click here for more information.

New and exclusive kawaii gladiator combat sets in 12 different colors!

Sets come with a pair of gladiator spiked shoulders, a pair of gladiator knee guards and an animated kawaii mousey gear helmet that has scripted spinning gears.

All items are copy with resize scripts. Get them only @ the Body Modification Expo at 50% off!

Ok, that's it for now.... The Azz Show is on deck so back to work!

- Jade

Posted by Jade Winthorpe at 7:15 PM

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