Sunday, September 01, 2013

So MUCH Epic Newness!

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 Hair is from Exxess.
Skin and boobie applier from TSG.
Hands & feet are from Slink.
Elf ears, tail, shoes, goggles, chainsaws & clothing are from Epic!


It's been a very busy week and I'm comin' at ya with lots o' newness this week with more to come! Anyway, I have so many new items at the store and for events so let's just get started because this is going to be a long post with a hunt prize at the end!

Click here for a taxi to Silicone!

Epic has joined Silicone, a new bi-weekly event that has just started today with some sexy cuteness! As you know I have already made Nurses uniforms for a previous round of Lubbly Jubblies a couple of months ago. But what you don't know is that when I was making those uniforms, at the time I had soooo many colors I wanted to make but didn't have enough time to do it. So I figured that this would be the perfect time and event for Silicone!

So there you have it! New uniforms in 11 different colors for those of you that are tired of white and want something darker or more colorful!

Like the previous colors in this collection, the uniform packs includes: a rigged mesh collar, mesh bow tie, mesh skirt in 5 different sizes, a nurses cap, mesh heart pasties, belt buckle and a Tango/Lush applier HUD. All non-rigged attachments have resize scripts & the skirt comes with a modifiable alpha.

Even though most of this new batch has bright and fun colors I also wanted to make some black versions for those of you out there looking for a darker look.

So you can get all of these new goodies right now only @ Silicone! But wait there's more!

Hair is from Boon.

 I've been swamped with LOTS of events lately and because of that, I kinda sorta got my dates confused. These were originally for Mes Brics a Bracs which I thought started today, but I just found out it starts on the 5th. Since I'm so excited about these items I just can't wait and I will just make another exclusive for that event in a few days. Anyway, new at the main store un-rigged mesh Kawaii Heart Biker Goggles! You can find these cute accessories in a gatcha machine at the main store! The goggles comes in 48 combos, transfer with resize scripts at 65L a try. Get them right now only at the main store! So why couldn't I wait to release these? Let's just say that these goggles inspired a chain of creative events that I just HAD to release them now with what's next!

Since I loved making those goggles I decided why not make something to go with them? So I then thought "hmm what do you usually wear goggles with?" CHAINSAWS!

These adorable Kawaii Kyoot Chainsaws come in 11 different colors that exclusive match the new goggles!

Click here for a taxi to Epic!

Get these too now at the main store! These aren't in a gatcha so you can grab all the colors that you like! These animated blade chainsaw packs includes 2 versions: handheld and backpack, and also has particle sparklies and resize scripts! Phew, ok that's it for new releases but wait there's a hunt prize too!

Hair is from Eep.
Click here for the starting location!
Click here for hints!

The Cupcakes Anonymous Hunt has also just started today too! The theme is Kawaii Sleep Over and I made an adorable sleepy face cute-tee in teal! This prize is 5L and you can grab it now until the 31st. Ok, now I'm really done! Happy shopping & hunting, on deck Perfect Wardrobe!

- Jade

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