Thursday, September 05, 2013

A Neo Summer at Mes Brics à Bracs!

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Hair is from Boon.
Skin and boobie applier from TSG.
Elf ears & sunglasses are from Epic!


This is Epic's 1st round in Mes Brics à Bracs and I'm very excited! I've never been in an accessory exclusive event before and I'm really happy that I've been invited to join some amazing designers! Anyway, the theme for this round is Neo Summer which is lots of fun & bright colors that pop!

Click here for a taxi to Mes Brics à Bracs!

This is a gatcha round, so I made some un-rigged mesh kawaii shield sunglasses! The gatcha comes in 2 styles: kawaii heart at 55L a try, and kawaii eyes at 45L a try. Each style comes in 14 different colors, and are transfer with resize scripts. I got to admit, the eyes kind of reminds me of Animal Crossing which is one of my favorite video games. Get them now only @ Mes Brics à Bracs starting at 12pm SLT! Ok, on deck: Stalkerazzi & Bewbapalooza! Okies now back to work!

- Jade

Posted by Jade Winthorpe at 2:10 PM

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