Monday, July 08, 2013

Perfect Wardrobe: Movie Night!

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Hair is from Eep.
Skin is  from TSG.
Ears, lipstick, goggles & dress are from Epic!
(Check about tab for nails & eyes.)


This is going to be a quick post because this is the first time in weeks I have enough time to do some main store releases and Limited Editions, woot! So the Movie Night session of Perfect Wardrobe started today and I decided to make some way cute 3D exclusives for this round!

 Click here  for a taxi to Perfect Wardrobe!

New Kawaii 3D sets in 2 colors: black & silver! Each set comes with goggles and a mini dress, with both having goggles with resize scripts & a Tango/Lush applier HUD. As usual, these sets are created "E" for everyone so you don't need mesh boobies to wear them. Get each set for 90L only at this session on Perfect Wardrobe! Okies, that's it, back to work!

- Jade

Posted by Jade Winthorpe at 1:04 PM

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