Friday, May 10, 2013

The 100 Block is HERE!

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Hair is from Lelutka.
Skin & boobie applier are from TSG.
Eyes are from Ikon.
Nails are from Deer.Piercings are from Amorous. 
Tail, mask, goggles, legwarmers, hooves, boots, Elf/Neko ears & clothing are from Epic.


That's right, Depraved Nation's 100 Block has just started today and Epic has some sexy killer new exclusives only out at the event!

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Presented by Depraved Nation, The 100 Block is a creative fusion of fashion, music and art! I'm really excited to be in this event and I'd like to think I brought a little cuteness to the table... Anyway here are my exclusives! I've been playing with the Harajuku subcultures and I really am into Fairy-Kei but with a twist!

Hair is from Wasabi Pills.

But first, as promised in my post yesterday, the black hoodie is here! New & exclusive and only @ 100 Block, Epic's Black Cropped Bunneh Hoodie with a 25 texture-changing hood HUD, mesh arm warmers in 4 different sizes & a tango/Lush applier HUD is definitely adorbs! The hoodie is created "E" for everyone so you don't need mesh boobies in order to wear it! Now on to skirts!

As I said before, I've been playing with the Harajuku subculture Fairy-Kei lately. Fairy-Kei is kawaii meets 80s fashion which happens to be 2 of my favorite things! Since I prefer more bolder and rich colors as opposed to pastels which Fairy-Kei is known for, I decided to switch it up a bit! So yeah, there you have it, Fairy-Key gone punk tutus, rawr! This new Fairy-Kei Punk TuTu comes in 6 different sizes and also comes with a 25 texture-changing HUD! Oh and on a side note I decided HUDs are the way to go now in SL so this is where Epic is going. Plus you guys will get more for your money and hey maybe even like a color or pattern that you never thought to try before. I think this will be a win win situation for all because it also MAJORLY cuts my work time over half, so I will be releasing a lot more too! Anyway, I have one more exclusive...

And finally my last exclusive for 100 Block! Since you guys loved my exclusive anime masks @ Kawaii Fair 2013 last month, I decided to make a cute little cheapie just for you! This mesh mask comes with resize scripts and matches my mesh Mega Monster Pumps! Ok, and that's it! The Neo Trekker's boots, legwarmers and hooves shown in the first pic above will be released @ the main store tomorrow (they also will be in HUD packs). And don't forget ALL of these exclusives are 50% off only @ The 100 Block. So happy shopping and stay tuned, LOTS more to come, and soon too!

- Jade

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