Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Epic Preview Wednesdays!

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So as you may know Grenade Free Wednesdays @ the Jersey Shore sim has moved to the weekend. Because of this, I had to leave the Jersey Shore sim. From your feedback that i have recieved over the past 2 years (yes I have been doing that event for that long) you all seem to love the mid-week previews I use to whip up so I just couldn't let it go... Soooooo Epic Preview Wednesdays is born! Epic Preview Wednesdays will be a little mid-week teaser of what I am about to release over the weekend for 100L or less! It may be an exclusive color or some shoes or accessories for some clothes I'm working on, you just never know! Ok, now down to business.

I'm working on some new cosplay outfits for The Boobies Show that opens this weekend so I figured why not make shoes and accessories to go with them?! So right now in the main store lobby you can get new texture-changing mesh Mary Janes with socks & a new texture-changing Kawaii Rainbow Backpack. The Mary Janes are rigged and comes with a 9 shoe texture-changing/ sock color-picker HUD, and the backpacks come with a 9 texture-changing HUD with resize scripts. Get them for 100L each only Epic's main store lobby now until next Tuesday! You'll will find them near the model display windows once you walk inside. Woot, ok lots more to come, back to work! *waves*

- Jade

Posted by Jade Winthorpe at 5:37 PM

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