Thursday, April 25, 2013

It's Electric!

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Shoes are form Epic.

Click all images for a closer look.


Ok, before I talk about new releases I wanted to let you know what's going on with Epic! So, a lot of changes are coming very soon! First off, an entire new vending system is coming to Epic, store credit, gift cards & redelivery terminals oh my! It's going to be a very busy next few weeks but I truly feel this will make Epic a better place to shop! Now the blog, I have also decided that I want to incorporate my favorite store designers with the stuff I make at Epic to give you a more rounded look. I don't want to be considered a blogger, I see myself as a designer who loves to shop in my spare time! As a designer, I like to make things that goes with all kinds of things so you can mix n' match and change it up, so... I will be doing that in-between release posts here. Ok, now onto the new goodies!

Hair is from Lelutka.
Skin is from TSG.
Eyes are from Ikon.
Bullet Head Band is from Crush.
Nails are from Deer.
Piercings & bracelets are from Amorous. 
Lipstick & clothing are from Epic.

Lately I've been changing around the events that I'm involved in to bring you more. I've just joined the Cleavage sim and today is my first round of the Going Bust event! I'm really excited about this one because I get to do some affordable and fun exclusives for you boobie babes! All items are exclusive and are 100L or less. The event also runs for 2 weeks so you have plenty of time to grab everything.

For this round I have some new cute Henley Mini Dresses! Since I love color I wanted to make some bright colors that will make you pop!

The dresses come in 12 bright and poppin' colors, and also includes a Tango/Lush applier HUD. As usual, they are created "E" for everyone so you don't need mesh boobies to wear them! Even though I have cut them into really sent mini dresses you can also wear them as tops too, so have fun with it!

So that's it for now, lots more coming this weekend, until next time, toodles!

- Jade

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Saturday, April 20, 2013

Fantasy Faire 2013 is HERE!

 Click here for a magic carpet ride to Fantasy Faire 2013!

Well hello!

 It's been a really long and tiring week but I made it through and Fantasy Faire 2013 is finally here! This by far is my favorite event to do every year and this is the 4th time Epic has had the pleasure of being in it, so let's begin!

Above is my shop on the Ravenshard sim built by Maya Parx who is truly an amazing builder!

Hair is from LeLutka, skin is from Al Vulo, eyes are from Ikon, everything else you see is from Epic.

So yeah this year I decided to mix it up a little bit... Make your own Faery outfits! Rather than make to million different outfits this year or any year for that matter, I decided to mix things up a bit!

Ok, first off new & exclusive rigged mesh Glitter Faery Dresses in 16 different colors! Dresses come in 5 sizes and a modifiable alpha with a Tango/Lush applier HUD.

These dresses are created "E" for everyone do you don't need to have mesh boobies to wear them! And you don't need wings either! But wait there's more! I could have new Faery dresses without new wings!

Let's be honest, it's been a while since I made some wings so I that Fantasy Faire would be the perfect time to make some new ones! New hand-painted, high-resolution Fairy Sparkle Dream Wings & Fairy Sparkle Monarch Wings!

These pretty flexi wings come in 12 different colors in each style, and both come in Petite Mesh Avatar and normal AV sizes.

AND they are also scripted to flap with particle pixie dust you can turn on and off. Basically the usual bells & whistles that comes with Epic wings!

You can find these and all the other fantasy goodies only @ Fantasy Faire 2013! I put all of my favorites in the RFL vendor which 100% of the proceeds go to Relay For Life & the American Cancer Society. So it's for a good cause so go relay! Not to mention that the sims are absolutely BEAUTIFUL this year! Everyone has outdone themselves again! I'm really happy that I can be apart of something so amazing. That a bunch of people from all walks of life can come together for a really great cause. it humbles me and reminds me that this is what Epic is truly about so yeah, WOOT! Ok, I'm done now going to rest then enjoy the faire lands, you should too!

- Jade

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Tuesday, April 16, 2013

It's Camo Time!

Hair is from Magika, skin is from Al Vulo, everything else you see is from Epic.


This is going to be short and aweet because I am tired and I still have one more big event coming soon that's really important to me. Perfect Wardrobe's Camo session has just started today I made even more kawaii exclusives! (Been doing that a lot lately.)

Click here  for a taxi to Perfect Wardrobe!

New mesh Kawaii Camo Helmets in 3 different styles: Neko, Bunneh & Mousey! The are so cute and I absolutely love them!

These kawaii goodies come with resize scripts and a color-changing bow/HUD color picker. Get tham all only @ Perfect Wardrobe for 90L each, enjoy! See, told ya, short and sweet! On deck Fantasy Faire 2013 so excited! Until next time!

- Jade

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Sunday, April 14, 2013

ZOMG, So Much Kawaii!

Hair is from Rosy Mood, skin is from Al Vulo, everything else you see is from Epic.


As promised there's soooo many new kawaii things from Epic so let's begin! Kawaii Fair 2013 has just started & Epic has some new way cute new mesh exclusives & gatchas out right now at the event! First, there are ultra cute non-rigged mesh Neo Anime Mouth Masks Gatcha in 26 different styles! All masks are transfer with resize scripts as shown above. But let's keep going, there's so much cuteness packed into this post!

Click here for a taxi to Kawaii Fair 2013!

I'm really excited and very proud to say all of my items in my shop are all mesh this year! I feel like I've come a long way and it's only going to get better from here! Anyway, at the fair there are new mesh Kawaii Neo Neko TV Backpacks in 10 different colors!

The backpacks come with an animated TV screen and is copy, no transfer with resize scripts.

Get them only @ Kawaii Fair 2013 now through the 26th! I absolutely loves these and made it my mission to make them very bright, fun and happy. But wait, there's more!

I couldn't make these cute backpacks without making a cute gatcha you know!

 Hair is from Boon, mesh hands are from Slink, kin is from Al Vulo, everything else you see is from Epic.

I also made something for you boobie babes! There's a new mesh Kawaii Neo Neko Boob Tube Gatcha in 10 different colors with an animated TV screen too! All TVs are transfer with resize scripts. But that's not all, I went crazy for my VIP members this month too!

 Click here for a SLurl to Epic!

As promised in my last post, Epic's April VIP paid group gifts are totally kawaii! I so spoiled you guys this month! Epic's VIP paid group gifts are up for April! New & exclusive mesh Kawaii Neko Ears that comes with & without mesh bow, Glitter Glam ears come in 8 colors, Leopard ears come in 6 colors, Zebra ears come in 6 colors and Camo ears come in 6 colors, AND the glitter mesh bow changes 8 different textures. All ears are copy with resize scripts! But wait, there's even more for you!

I'm not sure because it was my birthday this month or I was just feeling extra generous but I've made even more gifts this month! New mesh Glitter Dollie keys in 8 different colors and 2 styles with resize scripts, particle sparklies and the key also turns when you walk!

Get all of these goodies @ Kawaii Fair and at the main store. PHEW! Ok, that's it for now, on deck Perfect Wardrobe & Fantasy Faire 2013 is coming, woot!

- Jade

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Friday, April 12, 2013

Bewbapalooza & Gifts, Better Late Than Never!

Hair is from Boon, feet is from Slink, skin is from :tsg:, everything else you see is from Epic.


Sorry this post is a little late but I was getting my exclusives ready for Kawaii Fair 2013 which starts tomorrow! Anyway, it's a new round of Bewbapalooza & Depraved Nation Depot and I have so new sexy cuteness out right now! (Kawaii Neko Ears are coming out this weekend for you VIP group members and more too hehe!)

Click here for a taxi to BeWbAPaLoOZa!

New Mesh Animali Glam Bikinis in 8 different colors!

These glittery rawr mesh bikini tops & bottoms come in 5 different sizes with 2 modifiable alphas

AND includes a special made & cut bikini top on the jacket layer for mesh boobies so you won't get double lines in the front! An applier HUD for Tango/Lush is also included. But wait, there's more! A new round of Depraved Depot has started too!

Click here for a taxi to Depraved Depot!

New & exclusive Kawaii Baddie Band Aids in 2 styles baddie classic & baddie skull!

Get these gifts only @ Depraved Nation Depot all you need to do is join the Depraved Events Group which is free, so yay! Ok, back to work, on deck Kawaii Fair 2013, and lots of kawaii VIP gifts coming this weekend, so toodles for now!

- Jade

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Thursday, April 04, 2013

Grenade Free Wednesday, Ok GO!

Hair is from Boon, skin is from :tsg:, everything else you see is from Epic.


This is gonna be a quick one! It's Grenade Free Wednesday & Epic has another mesh preview out just for you!

 Click here for a taxi to the Jersey Shore!

New Striped Leg Warmer Add-ons in purple! These cute add-ons are made to go with Epic's many, many, mesh Platform Pumps, so I've also put one of my favorite suede pair in black out too! Get both goodies for 75L each now through the next round. Ok, I'm done now, more to come this weekend, woot!

- Jade

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Tuesday, April 02, 2013

ZOMG, More Exclusives!

Hair is from Magika, everything else you see is from Epic.

Click here for a taxi to The BIG Boobies Show!


More exciting news and exclusives! The BIG Boobie Show has just started & Epic's has some new sexy Sci-Fi exclusives out right now, AND Perfect Wardrobe's Spring session has also started and I have some very short & cute mini dresses too, so let's jump right in!

This is the first time that Epic is sponsoring an event & I'm really excited that it's gets to be a special version of one of my favorites to do monthly, The BIG Boobies Show!

I made some new & exclusive rigged Cyber-Tech Dresses in 15 different colors! The dresses comes in 6 sizes with 2 modifiable alphas & a Tango/Lush applier HUD. I made these to go with my Dark Gladiator Spiked Shoulders I made last month as an exclusive at Whore Couture Fair 2. Get these AND the new Black Cyber-Tech Monocle only @ TBBS!

Demos for the dress AND applier are also available @ the event and the main store (so you can beat the lag), now onto Perfect Wardrobe!

Click here  for a taxi to Perfect Wardrobe!

The Spring session of PW has just started & I made something really sexy & ultra short for Spring!

Hair is from Boon, everything else you see is from Epic.

Heart Polo Mini-Dresses in 6 colors and 5 different sizes & a modifiable alpha, and a cotton thong on the SL undie layer. A Tango/Lush applier HUD is also included in the pack. Demos are available so please try before you buy!

All these items are created "E" for everyone so you don't need mesh boobies to wear them, phew ok that's it, lots more coming soon!

- Jade

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ZOMG, So Many Events!

Hair is from Magika, everything else you see is from Epic.

Princess Gowns are available @  .the event. Hollywood!


As I said before, I'm in sooooooo many events this month too! So much that I'm running a tad behind on keeping up with Jaded so I'm sorry for that but once all of this is done with this month expect some major changes! Changes you say? Well yeah, Epic FINALLY has a vendor system and I will be installing it later this month! So look for a lot more int he way of sales, events, redelivery and store credit, woot! Ok, now let's talk events, I will break this up into 2 posts tonight...

Hair is from Exxess, everything else you see is from Epic.

.The Event. Hollywood (March 29th - April 14th) has just started & Epic some new & exclusive mesh glitter gowns fit for a princess! This is the first time I've made a gown, let alone mesh AND with a boobie applier so I'm very excited about these! I wanted them to be something that you could wear as fantasy or pop. Like one day be a fairy princess the other be Katy Perry on the red carpet, I just love bright colors especially for Spring.

New Rigged mesh Princess Glitter Gowns in 12 different colors! Gowns come in 5 sizes with a modifiable alpha, and also includes a Tango/Lush applier HUD.

As usual like other boobie releases, these glittery gowns are created "E" for everyone so you don't need to have mesh boobies to wear them! Get them only @ Hollywood The Event now through April 14th!

- Jade

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