Sunday, March 17, 2013

SL Buddy Walk, Hunt Prizes & More!

Click here  for a taxi to the SL Buddy Walk!


First off, Happy Saint Paddy's Day! I've been really behind and really busy lately. This past week I've had some medical issues but I'm feeling much better now. Anyway, lots of stuff is going on so I have a lot of new goodies coming your way all week. This weekend lots of events have just started & Epic has some sexy new mesh shoes as hunt prizes, sales exclusives & for charity!

The SL Buddy Walk has just started and there are new Mega Spiked Pumps in Pink & Purple Leopard which 100% of the proceeds goes to the National Down Syndrome Society. The goal of the event is to raise funds and awareness for Down Syndrome. So you can only get these sexy pumps now through the 31st only this event! And since Cupcakes Sim Spring Specials event has just started I made a version in Metal too!

 Click here  for a taxi to the Cupcakes sim!

Get these only @ the Cupcakes sim and save 50L now through March 31st! Now onto hunt prizes!

Click here  for a taxi to the starting location!

Click here  for more info & hints! 

The Pink Fusion Hunt has just started and it features high quality fashion from 50 stores for only 5L each! The hunt ends April 15th so you have plenty of time to grab this exclusive prize! All of these shoes come with resize scripts and a modifiable alpha. Ok, that's it! On deck Perfect Wardrobe's Kawaii session, lots and lots of main store releases & Grenade Free Wednesday! Ok, back to work!

- Jade

Posted by Jade Winthorpe at 6:20 PM

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