Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Good Gifts, Good Friends & Grenade Free Wednesday!


Visit! (Picture by Toxxic Rhinnyr.)


Man this has been a BUSY week and I'm still not finished! There are so many events that are coming soon that I have to get ready for, just you wait! Anyway, this past weekend was awesome because not only did I get to make way cute gifts for my group members for March which I had a lot of fun with, I also got to do a photo shoot with Mr. Toxx Rhinnyr, Toxxi's male av! Awww yeah! I just gotta say, I've been in SL for a long time and this is one of my favorite male av's that I've ever seen! But wait, there's more! But I need to catch you up on Epic's latest...

Click here here for a taxi to Epic!

That's right the March VIP group gifts are finally here...

Hair is from Magika, everything else you see is from Epic.

I've been wanting to make some bunny ears for a while, you know kind of like the Elin ears in Tera, but since those have already been made here in SL, I wanted some that would be more like a fashion accessory that you can wear any time of the year.

So, new & exclusive for you VIP group members... Mesh Kawaii Bunny Ears that will make you look way cuter than the Easter Bunny!

Ears come with & without mesh bow, Glitter Glam ears come in 8 colors, Leopard ears come in 6 colors, Zebra ears come in 6 colors and Camo ears come in 6 colors, AND the glitter mesh bow changes 8 different textures. Everything is copy with resize scripts.

Get all of these new gifts in the main store lobby right now! I'll be making lots of goodies that will go with these ears in the next few weeks so definitely stay tuned! Now on to Grenade Free Wednesday...

Click here for a taxi to the Jersey Shore!

So yeah, more prowler boots! I know, I know these darn boots are still in my pockets, one day I'll get them out but I have so many other things to do and the textures are tedious! Anyway, more rigged mesh Neo Prowler Boots that fit like a glove in purple! Get them only @ the Jersey Shore sim for 100L and save 175L by the time I actually release these things! One day I will, one day...

Visit Holli Pocket Picks! (Picture by Holli Thespian.)

So, if you haven't noticed, with the exception of fairs, I've started to trim the fat when it comes to sales events. Right now, I'll be only doing the 2 sales events on a regular basis, (oddly enough, these are events I've been doing for the longest time) Perfect Wardrobe & Grenade Free Wednesday. I can honestly say those 2 are the ones that seem to work best for Epic, not only do love them, I make good money with them and the timing is perfect for me all the way around. So yeah, there ya go! Every week I tend to be late when it comes to getting my stuff ready for GFW, and this week was no exception, so I messaged Holli to let her know and the greatest thing happened! She had time to take a pic with me and Mr. Toxxi! So yay, I had a lot of fun yesterday and some great pics came out of it too! So there you go! *sigh* Back to work I have some more exclusive events coming you way soon, ta-ta for now!

- Jade

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