Saturday, February 02, 2013

The Ringleader & Hunt Prizes!

Click here for a taxi to BeWbAPaLoOZa!


Woot last post, for this one I channeled my inner Britney! So the February round of BeWbAPaLoOZa has just started & Epic has some sexy new exclusives!

Hair is from LaViere.

Sexy mesh Ringleader Sets in 6 different colors! Sets include: a top hat, ascot, scripted/non-scripted riding crop, black latex gloves and mesh corsets & ruffled panties in 5 different sizes with modifiable alphas. Hat, ascot and riding crops come with resize scripts.

Created "E" for everyone so you don't have to wear mesh boobies to wear these sets! The appliers are for Tango/Lush. And demos are available so please try before you buy!

Save 100L only this month at BeWbAPaLoOZa! After that they will be available at the main store and on the Marketplace. Woot now onto hunt prizes!

Hair is from Truth, everything else is form Epic.

Depraved Nation's Jack or Jill Hunt 2.0 has just started and I made some cute candy color cosmetics with eyes, blush and lip glosses for the female path! The pack comes with 2 eyes, 1 blush and 4 lip glosses. The hunt is running all month so you have plenty of time to grab these goodies! Click here for the starting location, and here for more info and hunt hints. Ok, that's it! Now I'm all caught up, 3 posts in one day, woot! Next week I will be moving so I won't be having internet until the weekend, so bare with me and I'll see you soon! I have lots of events in the works for the next couple of months so in a way this is a much need tiny vacation to get geared up! Anyway, until next time!

- Jade

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