Monday, February 25, 2013

VIP Gifts & TONS of New Appliers!

Hair is from Boon, everything else you see is from Epic.


Man this is a busy time for me, I have sooo many fairs and events that start at the beginning of March. Anyways the VIP group gifts are up along with a TON of appliers for Tango & Lush, so let's dig right in!

I wanted to do something for Mardi Gras rather than boring old Valentine's day so this month, new mesh Showstopper Faded Bunneh Masks in 8 different colors!

These glittery masks are made to exclusively match Epic's mesh Showstopper outfits! All masks come with resize scripts and these will NEVER be sold otherwise so you guys get to have an exclusive Mardi Gras look of your own!

Ok, 14 appliers for Tango & Lush boobies have been added so let's get right down to it! All appliers come in fat packs for 100L and you can find them in the main store lobby until I build a new section for them in a few weeks.

Phew, ok that's it for now! Now it's time to get back to work, if you would like to know where all this hair is from, feel free to drop me a note, toodles for now!

- Jade

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Monday, February 18, 2013

The Carnival is here @ Perfect Wardrobe!

Click here  for a taxi to Perfect Wardrobe!


The Carnival session of Perfect Wardrobe has just started today and there's some sexy new very affordable goodies there! i decided to take apart my Showstopper Outfit to make something new * different since these is one of my favorite mesh corsets, so here it is!

 Hair is from Boon, everything else you see is from Epic.

As usual these items are created "E" for everyone so you don't need mesh boobies to wear these sets! The sets come in 6 different colors and include: a sculpted bowler hat, a rigged mesh corset in 7 sizes, mesh bows, garters, stockings & panties and a modifiable alpha

All sets only has Tango/Lush appliers in the packs... Since I whipped these up last night I didn't really have time to mess with my 2.5 template, it's just too much work and I'm sooo over it since now that I only wear Lush boobies.

So get these sets for 90L each and save a bunch! Ok, that's it! On deck Grenade Free Wednesday, Epic VIP gifts for February & I will be making all my fair stuff for the 10 million fairs I'm in next month. Toodles for now!

- Jade

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Sunday, February 17, 2013

Yay! It's A New Round Of The Boobies Show!

Click here for a SLurl to The Boobies Show!


It's been a crazy week but I made it just in time! A new round of The Boobies Show has started today and I made something I'm really loving and VERY excited about! New & exclusive Bunneh Avenger Sets in 8 different colors!

 Hair is from Boon, everything else you see is from Epic.

And of course these are created "E" for everyone so you don't need mesh boobies to wear these! The sets include: a non-rigged mesh bunny mask, a rigged mesh corset in 7 sizes, a qipao bodysuit, fully modifiable sculpted collar & sleeves, and a modifiable alpha. AND Tango/Lush appliers are only included with these sets.

Demos are available so please try before you buy! And because it's TBS you get to save160L on these goodies this month too! After that they will be full price and available at the main store and on the Marketplace. Phew! Ok, that's it. Not going to put a notice out about these new items until tomorrow, because the Carnival round of Perfect Wardrobe begins tomorrow and I don't want to spam ya. Anyway, PW is on deck so toodles for now, gonna take a nap!

- Jade

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Friday, February 15, 2013

An Epic Extravaganza!

Click here for a taxi to Epic.


As promised from Wednesday's GFW preview Epic's full collection of Mesh Platform Pumps are finally here at the main store and this weeks round of SL Fashion Week! These shoes come in 4 styles: Glitter Glam, Leopard/Zebra, and Suede that are exclusively at SL Fashion Week at 50% off! All shoes come with resize scripts and a modifiable alpha. AND, Epic VIP members save 30% on all new releases at the main store including fat packs! With the new vending system in place, all you have to do is just wear your tag, pay and then you'll be refunded the 30% discount! Now onto the new goodies! Above is one of my favorites Glitter Glam that comes in 16 different colors!

Crocodile in 8 colors...

Zebra in white...

Leopard in 7 colors. And for SL Fashion Week...

Click here for a taxi to Sl Fashion Week!

Suede in 6 colors! Demos are available at the main store and SL Fashion Week, so please try before you buy!

Get these 6 colors at 50% off now through next Thursday! Since I've been so swamped with work I won't be able to get all of these up on the Marketplace until later next week, so bare with me please. Anyway, that's it for now! Just a little hint, these shoes will go perfectly for the sexiness I have cooking for the next round of The Boobies Show Sunday, so stay tuned!

- Jade

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Wednesday, February 13, 2013

And I'm Back!

Hair is from Boon, everything else you see is from Epic.

Hiya everyone!

Well I'm done with moving and ready to get back to work! It's been a week and a half and it feels like forever! My new internet is crap since I now live in a more rural area, but I won't let it keep me down! Anyway, I have to be honest though... I'm not really happy with certain aspects of my Second Life (more like raging and having a very hard time keeping it in check) anymore, so I've decided to get back to basics & focus on me. First, I'm going to say that I'm really tired of being used so I won't be adding anymore people to my official blogger list. And with that said I really don't feel like passing anything out either at the moment. The success of Epic is because of 2 factors. One, my hard work and dedication, and two the awesome fans that support my store. It's hard for me to even meet new people because lately I'm finding that their bottom line is trying to get free crap out of me. And I'm soooooo, soooooo freakin' tired of it! So with that said, from now on I will keep my head down and create. Since this is destined to be a one-woman show, I can't really trust people to help when I need it here. So now I will just focus on creating and making my customers happy and screw everyone else. Phew, ok now onto the new goodies!

Finally the Mesh Denim/Plaid Frilly Filly Skirts are here! Plaid skirts (that are made to match Epic's Fuzzy Cardigans) come in 15 colors & denim comes in 6 washes. Skirts come in 5 different sizes with a modifiable alpha.

I'm pretty swamped this week so I won't be able to get these up on the Marketplace until next week, anyway as usual VIP members save 30% on new releases! There's also a new discount vending system at the main store too! Members just have to wear your VIP group tag & pay the vendors. After that, you'll be refunded the VIP group discount. But wait, there's more!

New Evangeline Black Brows! These new eyebrows exclusively match the Evangeline skintones for cream, fair, tan, mocha and chocolate. You can also find these in the main store lobby.

Hair is from Elikatira.

A couple of weeks ago a customer ashed if I had a Tango/Lush applier for the VIP exclusive Love-Tech Bodysuits, well here you have it! You can find this new applier on the VIP favorites shelf at the store. When I whipped this up real quick I was then like well hell. I might as well gun out the Radial Radar Bodysuits too!

So you can find these babies in the lobby too on the "Recently Tangos/Lush Appliers Added..." board in the lobby as well. Get all 12 appliers for 100L! Ok, enough about new main store goodies, what about a Grenade Free Wednesday preview?

Click here for a slurl to the Jersey Shore!

New non-rigged Mesh Platform Pumps in Glam Silver & Crocodile Electric Pink! These shoes come with a modifiable alpha & resize scripts. All 38 colors & styles will be released on Friday @ the main store & SL Fashion Week.

Get these for 75L a pair and save 50% now throughout the weekend only @ the Jersey Shore sim! Ok, that's it. On deck SL Fashion Week, the mega release of all those mesh platform heels on Friday, AND then I have something HAWT cooking for you for the next round of The Boobies Show on Sunday, and after that Perfect Wardrobe's Carnival session and VIP group gifts. Until next time!

- Jade

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Monday, February 04, 2013

Some Parting Appliers While I Move!

Hair is from Magika, everything else you see is from Epic.


Going to keep this REALLY short and sweet since I will be moving this week into a new house and my internet won't be back up until Thursday so now SL for me but my phone and tablet... Anyway, last night I figured since my work time would be cut short this week on making new things I figured it was a perfect time to add some much needed Tango/Lush appliers to the store! So here they are!

Hair is from Elikatira.

I decided to re-release this wildcard pack of my Cropped Militry Jackets since I was making the appliers for all of them and I know a lot of you grabbed these Grenade Free Wednesday exclusive colors last year. You can get all applier packs for 100L! I just don't have time to redo and re-shoot everything. I'd much rather concentrate on making new goodies!

 Hair is from Magika.

Naughty Gym Sets...

Hair is from Elikatira.

Urban Shaman Halter Tops...

Hair is from Elikatira.

Snug Scandal Sweats...

Hair is from Boon.

Basic Snug Hoodie & Shorts Sets... Okies that's it for now, I plan to add more appliers later in the month. I won't be back in SL until later in the week so until then see you on the flip side!

- Jade

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