Tuesday, January 22, 2013

The Boobies Show & SL Fashion Week!

 Click here for a SLurl to The Boobies Show!


The first round of The Boobies Show for the New Year has started and Epic has some new sexy  showstoppin' goodies! New mesh Showstopper Outfits that come in 8 glittery colors which includes mesh shoes, bows, corsets & appliers for Lolas 2.5 & Tango/Lush!

Hair is from Boon, everything else you see is from Epic.

AND you don't need to have prim/mesh boobies to wear them!


This is my favorite color of the set which matches my Fairy Sparkle Wings perfectly!

Gold... Since this post is REALLY, REALLY late I'm just going to post last weeks exclusives for SL Fashion Week which you can now find at the main store and soon on the Marketplace.

So, for SL Fashion Week I made some exclusive mesh Animalistic Suede Ankle Wedges in 8 different colors!

 Click here for a taxi to Epic!

You can now find these at the main store, but don't worry, I was busy trying to find a new house to rent (which a found one WITH a jacuzzi, AAWWW YEAAH) so I will be sitting out from this weeks SL Fashion week and will be doing the one that opens next week on February 1st. Anyways that's it for now, on deck VIP gifts, mini in-store release, Perfect Wardrobe AND Grenade Free Wednesday. Ok, toodles for now!

- Jade

Posted by Jade Winthorpe at 2:33 AM

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