Tuesday, January 22, 2013

The Boobies Show & SL Fashion Week!

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The first round of The Boobies Show for the New Year has started and Epic has some new sexy  showstoppin' goodies! New mesh Showstopper Outfits that come in 8 glittery colors which includes mesh shoes, bows, corsets & appliers for Lolas 2.5 & Tango/Lush!

Hair is from Boon, everything else you see is from Epic.

AND you don't need to have prim/mesh boobies to wear them!


This is my favorite color of the set which matches my Fairy Sparkle Wings perfectly!

Gold... Since this post is REALLY, REALLY late I'm just going to post last weeks exclusives for SL Fashion Week which you can now find at the main store and soon on the Marketplace.

So, for SL Fashion Week I made some exclusive mesh Animalistic Suede Ankle Wedges in 8 different colors!

 Click here for a taxi to Epic!

You can now find these at the main store, but don't worry, I was busy trying to find a new house to rent (which a found one WITH a jacuzzi, AAWWW YEAAH) so I will be sitting out from this weeks SL Fashion week and will be doing the one that opens next week on February 1st. Anyways that's it for now, on deck VIP gifts, mini in-store release, Perfect Wardrobe AND Grenade Free Wednesday. Ok, toodles for now!

- Jade

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Thursday, January 17, 2013

Woot, It's Still Wednesday!

Click here for a slurl to the Jersey Shore!


Wow, it's been a very busy week so far! I just got all set for the first round of SL Fashion week which starts on the 18th, AND we have the next round of The Boobies Show and the grand reopening of the Cupcakes sim on deck! It's going to be a very, very busy weekend! Anyway it's still Grenade Free Wednesday and I have some new mid-week goodies out just right now! By request, new Mesh Neo Coal Latex Boots for 99L... AND...

A new exclusive preview of Epic's next release! Mesh Gradient Crocodile Knee Boots in hot pink available now through Friday! (I probably will keep these out all weekend and have the boot release on Monday so you have plenty of time to shop and save.) Anyway, all of these boots come in 5 sizes with  modifiable alpha. Get them both for 99L each only @ the Jersey Shore sim. Ok, that's it, gonna chill now still sooo many things to do in the next two days, toodles for now!

- Jade

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Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Playing Catch Up & New Goodies & Hunt Prizes!

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This is a day late, but it's better than never! It's a new round of Perfect Wardrobe and this time around the theme is Candy Shop!

New Kawaii Mousey Gumball Machine Jetpacks in 6 different colors! These backpacks have partial mesh, particle sparklies, jet smoke & a random lollipop-nom giver that you and your friends can click on for 6 different flavors! Get them now for 90L each only @ Perfect Wardobe! But wait, there's more! The Hello Titty Hunt has just started!

Click here for the hunt starting location!

Hair is from Magika, everything else you see is from Epic.

First off, I'm just going to say, pardon my French but I'm REALLY fucking getting tired of Image Shack deleting my images because they think the content violates TOS. See I have no problem with that in the first place, but the idiots are actually selective, like one photo will get banned but the SAME photo with the clothing in a different color is allowed to stay, that doesn't make sense, get it fucking together! I have all my images set to private so I don't understand why they would be taken down in the first place, other Image Shack users can't access any of my images on the site, so what's the problem? Gah, booooooo Image Shack! Anyways, as I was saying the Hello Titty Hunt! The hunt has just started and ends on February 15th. Epic's new & exclusive hunt prize for the hunt is a Pulled Army Camo Tank with black tape pasties! It's similar to my naughty tanks but these actually have army camo colors in them. These come with appliers for Lolas Tango (should also work with Lush) and 2.5 and can be worn with or without prim/mesh boobies! So you have plenty of time to grab them so happy hunting!

I didn't have time to post this and I'm afraid this is last weeks GFW exclusive... Anyway you can now find it at the main store at the regular price (Sorry!). But, I do have 2 boots on deck for Grenade Free Wednesday tomorrow where you get to say some Lindens! Anyway, until next time!

- Jade

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Monday, January 07, 2013

Drop Yo Panties For Demon Freebies!

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I've been sitting on these for AGES and I've finally put them out on the Marketplace & at the main store... New Mesh Panty Droppers that are available in 2 styles (Mr. Moustache & animal/camo prints) in 6 different fat packs of 4 colors!

 Click here for a taxi to Epic or buy online!

Panties come in 4 different sizes and 4 colors and as usual, Epic VIP group members save 30% on these new goodies until the next release! AND the demon hands shown in the ads above are also an exclusive VIP group gift! Just wear your Epic VIP group tag and click the gift box that is in front of the Panty Droppers display in the main store lobby. But wait, there's more!

Click here for a taxi to Depraved Depot!

Depraved Nation has just opened up the Depraved Depot! The Depot is a place where you can grab high quality gifts for people new to Second Life! It's free and all you have to do is join the Depraved Events group.

Hair is from Boon, everything else you see is from Epic.

So for this round, there are new exclusive pierced mini demon horns in silver & gold! All you have to do is join the group and wear your Depraved Events group tag to grab them! I really like this idea so it has inspired me to create The Epic Emporium, a store to start your Second Life. I plan on selling retired and new affordable cheapie items and maybe even some full avatars to get people started. We'll see about that though because I need to work out the hair details since I don't make hair. Anyway, that's it for now, on deck Grenade Free Wednesday, until then toodles!

- Jade

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Wednesday, January 02, 2013

Epic Mech-Tech!

Hair is from Magika, everything else you see is from Epic.


I'm going to keep this one short and sweet because I've been working all day cleaning my work boxes, fixing security orbs and opening the revamped Fae Faire sim (Yeah it's open but there's still lots to do!) and I'm tired, anyway it's a new year & a new round of BeWbAPaLoOZa woohoo!

Click here for a taxi to BeWbAPaLoOZa!

For this round, there's new partially rigged mesh Mech-Tech suits in 5 different colors that exclusively match Epic's Neo Mega Stompers! (Which one of which brite blood is on sale this week @ GFW!)

The suits include a rigged mesh collar in 6 sizes, a rigged mesh corset in 7 sizes and both come with modifiable alphas and appliers for Lolas Tango/2.5. These are created "E" for everyone so you don't have to have mesh/prim boobies to wear them. Demos are available so please try before you buy!

Get them only @ BeWbAPaLoOZa now throughout January and save 100L! Okies, on deck I will finally release those mesh panty droppers this weekend and I think there's an event I'm in that starts this weekend too, we'll see... Anyways, toodles!

- Jade

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