Wednesday, October 31, 2012

A Quick Preview for Halloween!

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It's a Halloween Grenade Free Wednesday at the Jersey Shore sim and there is a new & exclusive preview of Epic's next release! Mesh neo mega stompers in bubblegum and glacier!

These mesh boots come in 3 different sizes with a modifiable alpha. Get these for 100L a pair and save 199L for today only at the Jersey Shore sim. All 12 colors and add-ons will be released tomorrow @ the store and on the MP, until then Happy Halloween!


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Saturday, October 27, 2012

The Heels are HERE!

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That's right, as promised they are finally here! I must say I'm happy to get these out because I have sooo many sweet goodies coming your way soon and I've been sitting on these for a little while. Anyway, these new mesh sexy basic pumps with color-changing socks are available in 12 different colors/styles and includes a color-picker HUD, a modifiable alpha, optional heel click sounds and resize scripts.

Buy online!

As usual Epic VIP members gets to save 30% until the next release. You guys should grab them because I'm going to try my best to have another mesh shoe release on November 1st around the time I have a few hunts starting.

Buy online!

I also made 6 basic colors in case you just wanted something simple. You can get all of these goodies in-world or the Marketplace. Phew! Now back to work... Toodles until then!


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Wednesday, October 24, 2012

A Mid-Week Exclusive Preview!

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As promised a Grenade Free Wednesday exclusive preview! New mesh basic sexy pumps with color-changing socks in strawberry & snow leopard!

The heels come with color-picker HUD, modifiable alpha and resize scripts. Get them for only 75L each and save 50% only at the Jersey Shore sim! I will be releasing all colors and styles this weekend. Okies back to work! I just finished building Fae Faire's new store and hope to get it set up and running within the next few weeks. On deck after this weekend, hunts, hunts and more hunts! AND some mesh mega stompers that are going to be kick ass and have you kicking ass! Until next time!

~ Jade

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Monday, October 22, 2012

Halloween Is Here!

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Halloween is at Epic and I have a bunch of exclusive goodies for ya! Everything from adorable to sexy! Since this is Epic's first round of The Boobies Show, I've made some new cosplay outfits exclusively for prim boobies (Lolas, eBoobs) just in time for Halloween!

Sexy soldier girl sets that come in 4 different colors...

 Two for the Army and 2 for the Navy and both comes with a hat and a kawaii dog tags mouthie!

There are also sexy cop sets that come in 4 colors with hat, handcuffs, sunglasses and a scripted night stick you can hit people with (which I get a kick out if lol).

Get all of these super sexy exclusives with all the bells and whistles for only 200L each! Ok, now moving from the super sexy and onto the adorable!

Click here for a SLurl to Perfect Wardrobe!

It's the Halloween session at Perfect Wardrobe and I made a bunch of cuteness for this round!

I wanted to make some light and fun items for this round that didn't have a lot of orange in it like this months VIP gifts. Two mesh bubble dresses in 5 different sizes with modifiable alphas.

 Battie and Cattie...

Since it's been a few years since I made a a broom for Halloween I figured it was time to make a new kawaii one!  A kawaii learnin' how to fly broom that has a flying animation and comes with and without particles..

And a mesh kawaii battie witches' hat with flying bat! You can get all of these goodies for 90L each only at Perfect Wardrobe! Phew, ok that's it for now! On deck is Grenade Free Wednesday! I'll be also working on the other sim this week because it's about time I get Fae Faire back up and running. Toodles for now!


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Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Epic Gatchas, Goodies & More!

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Depraved Nation's Scary Face Gacha Fair has just started & there are adorable gatcha goodies out right now! Kawaii bloody murder mouthies & backpacks with blood drops in 10 different colors & ohmai kawaii monster condoms in 10 different styles! (Condoms shown above are 20L a try.)

Mouthies are 25L a try with dripping particle blood drops.

And backpacks are 35L a try and comes with resize scripts and dripping particle blood drops. Oh, there are also new skin singles! Since I love my new Evangeline skin from my last release so much, I decided to make it in my favorite fantasy tones ash & darkest ash! They come with/without cleavage and has teeth you can add on a tattoo layer.

Click here for a SLurl to Epic!

And of course I couldn't make new fantasy skins without making new eyes!

Dream pack...

Dark pack...

Brite pack... VIP members save 30% on all of these new items @ the main store until the next release. Just wear your group tag a pay the VIP vendors near the regular vendors! And last but not least, a belated Fi*Friday!

Since this is a little late, I will keep these out on the seasonal discount stands in front of the store for the rest of the month! Hooved version comes with hooves in black/brown, pawed version comes with/without paws.

Ok, that's it! On deck new sexy mesh pumps that are going to segue into Epic's first round of The Boobies Show, so stay tuned!


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Thursday, October 11, 2012

Epic Boobies & VIP Gifts!

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This post is a wee but late but nevertheless there's new stuff! The newest round of Perfect Wardrobe started a few days ago and this time around the theme is naughty!

I've been really trying to boob up more sexy clothing for you guys since I love Lolas prim boobs so much! So.... From the Epic Boobies Collection, I made some new naughty pulled camo tank tops with black tape pasties! This set comes in 9 different colors, tanks/pasties are on all layers and each set includes a breast applier for Lolas 2.5 & eBoobs.

Get them for only 90L each only at Perfect Wardrobe. And now onto Epic's VIP group gifts for October!

Click here for a SLurl to Epic!

It's like Halloween exploded all over you! This month, there are 3 mesh pumpkin bubble dresses for 5L each.

They come in scary jack, happy jack and kawaii styles. And there are partial mesh kawaii rotten pumpkin backpacks & huggies...

The backpack has the usual bells and whistles, particle sparklies and falling pumpkins!

The huggie comes with a holding animation...

AND Halloween striped slouchie digi warmers! Get these all in the main store lobby. Ok! That's it! On deck demon skins, sexy mush pumps (I'm accessorizing this release to gear up for the next round of the Bobbie Show this month.) gatcha festival goodies. Until next time!


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Saturday, October 06, 2012

Something Warm?

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Here's a little quickie between VIP gifts and events just for you! New rigged mesh arm warmers in 6 different styles: camo, leopard, zebra, hearts, stars and basic. They come in 4 different sizes with a modifiable alpha and color picker HUD. Get the basic style for only 55L this week only at Fi*Friday!


Buy Online

Stars... And finally a new Evangeline skin!

The skin comes in 5 tones, with and without cleavage, with 6 glosses and teeth (not shown) all on tattoo layers. Epic VIP members save 30% on all of these new goodies until the next release! There you have it! On deck October Halloween VIP group gifts and Perfect Wardrobe's naughty session. *waves*


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Tuesday, October 02, 2012

Epic Swag, Mesh & More!

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This post is a few hours late but at least it's still on time, yay! Anyway, I'm going to try to keep this short and sweet because I've been really busy in SL lately. It's the beginning of October and a BUNCH of new events are on... Swag Fest has just started and Epic has lots of new mesh exclusives for this awesome event! Everything from swagilicious exclusives & dollarbies to new XYRoom exclusives and new gatcha festival items! First, there's an exclusive dollarbie at Swag Fest... New mesh checkered nerd glasses with a color picker HUD (shown above) that you can find outside of Queens Park which is right across from Epic's shop at the event...

And since my mesh kawaii guitars have been doing so well at the I love Rock n' Roll session of Perfect Wardrobe, I've decided to make a more unisex exclusive version just for Swag Fest! this cute guitar has the same bells and whistles as the other ones, but this is something the fellas will like I think!

There are also new mesh camo denim mini skirts in 4 different colors for 99L each! (Army shown above is my fave.) To help with lag the sim only allows 30 avatars at a time, but no worries Swag Fest doesn't end until the 31st! So there is plenty of time to grab all of these exclusives! Now on to XYRoom...

 Click here for a SLurl to XY Room!

For October's XYRoom, there are 2 chocolate mesh denim mini skirts in leopard and zebra print for only 75L each! Demos are available at both events and at the main store, so please try before you buy!

 Click here for a SLurl to the Monster Gatcha Festival!

And finally an exclusive kawaii acorn huggie gatcha only 15L a try at the Monster Gatcha Festival! These huggies come in 12 different styles and are transferable. Woot ok, that's it, short and sweet. There are sooooo many things are on deck this week so stay tuned!


Posted by Jade Winthorpe at 1:00 AM

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