Tuesday, May 29, 2012

It's Been Awhile...

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So yeah it's been a few weeks, but I'm back with LOTS of new Petite goodies! And there's some new Perfect Wardrobe items and hunt prizes out now, so check it out!

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For this session of Perfect Wardrobe the theme is Nature! I've been wanting to make new wings for a while and this was the perfect event to release a preview of what I'm working on!  New high-res and hand-painted flapping flexi Fairy Sparkle Leaf Wings in jade and sakura colors! The wings have Pixie dust and a flapping animation you can turn on/off, and are fully modifiable. They come in 2 versions for normal SL avatars & Petites!

Save 109L and get these exclusives only at PW for 90L. I will be releasing more colors and another new style this weekend! And finally a new hunt prize that fits SL avatars and Petites!

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Epic's prize for the Drafted hunt! Get this exclusive Black Grenade-Bomb Backpack for 5L! It comes with resize scripts so it fits Petites too! The hunt ends on June 10th so you have plenty of time to grab it! Well, that's it for now... I just wanted to say I am soooooo happy LL pushed back the Direct Delivery migration from June 1st to August 1st! i have around 75% migrated already but this gives me plenty of time to get my listings fixed and organized, and I get to finish building Epic's new store! Well that's it for now, lots of more wings are on deck, toodles!


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Saturday, May 05, 2012

Epic VIP Group Gifts for May, YAY!

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And finally Epic VIP Group gifts! See, I got the idea for this adorable dress from an real life indie dress designer, and I thought it would be really cute in SL! So here it is Mesh Gamer Girl Dresses! These dresses come in 5 exclusive colors (classic, black, pink, purple and yellow), 5 different sizes, and has 6 fully modifiable alphas. These dresses will NEVER be sold at the main store or on the Marketplace! But anyway, here are my faves out of the 5!

Maybe, just maybe after this month I might put classic and pink on the VIP favorites board, once again, we'll see lol!


And finally purple, PHEW that's it! I'm officially all caught up on my blog posts. Petite Mesh is on deck, until then toodles!


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Murder at the PROM!!!

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So the next round of fi*Friday started yesterday and I started to go a little bloody! New Mesh Bloody Prom Dresses in black & white! They come in 5 different sizes, and has 6 fully modifiable alphas. Get these for only 55L @ fi*Friday now through Thursday! I'm debating on making some more colors and throwing them on the Marketplace after this round... We'll see!


White... Okies, on to the next one! My favorite new items of the month so far, Epic VIP Group Gifts!


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Perfect Wardrobe & Hunt Prizes!

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This week has been pretty hectic so I'm about 3 blog posts behind on all of my new goodies! Since there's so much this week, I figured it would be easier to break it down into 3 blog posts... Anyway here goes nothing! Perfect Wardrobe's Sports Day session has started last Monday and I made bloody tube socks that change 8 different textures and comes with and without hooves, and has hooves in black & brown. Get these Supa Slouchie Bloody Tube Digi Socks for only 90L only @ Perfect Wardrobe. After this week they will be regularly priced at the main store and the SL Marketplace. Onto hunt prizes!

I totally forgot to put this in today's notice so I'm sorry! New Chibi Flutterflies in 5 different colors for the No Strings Attached Hunt! The hunt ends on the 31st so you have plenty of time to grab these then they will poof forever! Click here for the starting location! And finally Depraved Nation's High Voltage Hunt! This hunt also ends on the 31st, and for it I made Pierced Mini Demon Horns!

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Well that's the first of the posts! Happy Hunting... fi*Friday is on deck!


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