Wednesday, December 12, 2012

It's Not The End Of The World, It's Frost!

Click here for a SLurl to Frost 2012!

Hair is from Lelutka, everything else you see is from Epic.


It's 12.12.12 and it's not the end of the world, it's Frost! For this new event, Epic has made some ultra sexy exclusives that will keep you warm on those cold wintery nights, well kind of anyway...

New Archangel & Slasher sets with a neck corset in 3 different sizes, a modifiable alpha & Lolas Tango applier. Sorry ladies but this time around only Tango appliers are included in these sets. It's just so much easier to work with especially if you want high-detail, I really can't wait until Lolas releases their mesh pushup version, pushups are still my fave!


Anyway, all exclusives are 50% off now through the event which ends January 2, 2013. (Man I can't believe another year has gone by!) I really love these sets but they were pretty much inspired by the new Light Evangeline skin set I made before I started these.

New Light Evangeline skin in Epic's lunar skin tone! These skins come with 6 eye makeups, teeth on the tattoo layer and blind elfin eyes in ice. A Lolas Tango applier is also available but is sold separately.

So you can also get these at Frost with the skin pack being 50% off. Demos are available at both Frost and the main store to help with lag. So please try before you buy!

And finally my unisex dollarbie gift that you can find under the tree at the Frost sim! Ok, I'm done, my Nexus 7 just got here and I'm gonna play with it now... Oh VIP gifts, a small main store release, Perfect Wardrobe and the Boobies how is on deck. Toodles!

- Jade

Posted by Jade Winthorpe at 6:32 PM

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