Monday, December 31, 2012

Come Here, Glitter Baby!

Hair is from Ploom, everything else you see is available at Epic.


This post is very much late but it's going to be my last of 2012! Anyway, the holidays are almost over and a new year is just around the corner but in case you missed it here are December's VIP group gifts!

Kawaii Glitter Baby Ski Vests in 6 glittery colors, 5 different sizes with a modifiable alpha! These are exclusively for VIP members and won't be sold anywhere else ever! Get them now through the middle of January and maybe I'll keep one or two as favorites, we'll see...

Ok, that's it! These are in the main store lobby so go grab them! Happy New Year! On deck a mini main store release & BeWbAPaLoOZa! Toodles!

- Jade

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Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Boobie Holiday Exclusives!

Hair is from Lelutka, everything else you see is from Epic.


The special holiday round of The Boobies Show and the Christmas round of Perfect Wardrobe has just started and Epic has some new sexy exclusives for both events! I was going to focus more on Christmas on The Boobies Show then realized it would be better if I made something you could wear all year around, so here we go!

 Click here for a SLurl to The Boobies Show!

For The Boobies Show, new Mesh Glitter Baby Dresses in 8 glittery colors with a matching hair feathers! These are perfect for holiday parties or any other parties for that matter.

The dresses come in 6 different sizes, has 2 modifiable alphas, and a matching resizeable hair feather and appliers for Lolas Tango & 2.5. Created "E" for everyone you don't need mesh/prim boobies to wear these sexy mesh dresses!

Originally I was going to make the Christmas dresses I will talk about in a sec for TBS, but I figured I could make something cute and less for Christmas since this round of TBS will go well into the new year. Anyhoo on to Perfect Wardrobe!

 Click here  for a SLurl to Perfect Wardrobe!

It's the Christmas round of PW and I made Mesh Simply Christmas Dresses in 3 colors! I call them simply Christmas because the match my Simply Christmas digi boots I made for last years Christmas round of PW.

All of these cute dresses includes breast appliers for Lolas Tango/2.5 but are also created "E" for everyone too! These also come in 6 sizes and has 1 modifiable alpha. Get all 3 colors for 90L each only at Perfect Wardrobe! Ok, that's it! Seriously, on deck a main store release this weekend, and finally VIP gifts, I'm sooo done with Christmas so they will be Winter themed. Sorry that they will late but I didn't realize how many events I signed Epic for this month, anyway until next time!

- Jade

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Wednesday, December 12, 2012

It's Not The End Of The World, It's Frost!

Click here for a SLurl to Frost 2012!

Hair is from Lelutka, everything else you see is from Epic.


It's 12.12.12 and it's not the end of the world, it's Frost! For this new event, Epic has made some ultra sexy exclusives that will keep you warm on those cold wintery nights, well kind of anyway...

New Archangel & Slasher sets with a neck corset in 3 different sizes, a modifiable alpha & Lolas Tango applier. Sorry ladies but this time around only Tango appliers are included in these sets. It's just so much easier to work with especially if you want high-detail, I really can't wait until Lolas releases their mesh pushup version, pushups are still my fave!


Anyway, all exclusives are 50% off now through the event which ends January 2, 2013. (Man I can't believe another year has gone by!) I really love these sets but they were pretty much inspired by the new Light Evangeline skin set I made before I started these.

New Light Evangeline skin in Epic's lunar skin tone! These skins come with 6 eye makeups, teeth on the tattoo layer and blind elfin eyes in ice. A Lolas Tango applier is also available but is sold separately.

So you can also get these at Frost with the skin pack being 50% off. Demos are available at both Frost and the main store to help with lag. So please try before you buy!

And finally my unisex dollarbie gift that you can find under the tree at the Frost sim! Ok, I'm done, my Nexus 7 just got here and I'm gonna play with it now... Oh VIP gifts, a small main store release, Perfect Wardrobe and the Boobies how is on deck. Toodles!

- Jade

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Friday, December 07, 2012

Winter Is Coming...

Hair is from Lelutka, everything else you see is from Epic.


Winter is coming and Epic has just released new mesh kawaii heart attack ski vests! I've been sitting on these for a couple of weeks because I had (and have) soooo many events I need to get ready for, but anyway here they are!

Hair is from Magika.

Click here for a SLurl to Epic, or buy online!

Available in 12 bright colors, these adorable vests come in 5 different sizes with a modifiable alpha. VIP members save 30% on these until the next release! Just wear your Epic VIP group tag and pay the small VIP group vendors.

 Click here for a SLurl to the Jersey Shore sim, or buy online!

I've been sick the past 2 days so this is a tad late but I put a couple of these out for Grenade Free Wednesday! Get the butter and snow colors for 50% off now through the weekend at the Jersey Shore sim.

Click here for a SLurl to the Jersey Shore sim, or buy online!

Phew that's it for now. On deck, Epic's panty dropper release, December Christmas themed VIP group gifts and Frost. Woot, until next time!

- Jade

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Monday, December 03, 2012

Christmas Ninjas & Glam!

Hair is from Boon, everything else you see is from Epic.

Click here for a taxi to BeWbAPaLoOZa!


For me this is the most busiest time of year and you know what that means, lots of events and new exclusives! I have a lot of things going on this month so let's get crackin', I'll be sure to update this blog a lot throughout the next coming weeks because there's so much going on!

New & exclusive for the first round of BeWbAPaLoOZa! Santa's Lil' Latex Helper Sets that come in 6 colors with a rigged mesh neck corset in 3 sizes with a mod alpha, bodysuit, a scripted candy cane giver that your friends can click on for a yummy holiday treat, and breast appliers for Lolas Tango & 2.5!

Get it only @ BeWbAPaLoOZa now through the end of the month!

This is just a tidbit of what I plan to do for prim/mesh boobie clothing for the holidays, so don't worry though, I have a few more sexy Christmas exclusives up my sleeve for the next round of The Boobies Show that opens on the 16th! Ok, now onto Perfect Wardrobe!

Click here for a SLurl to Perfect Wardrobe!

It's a new round of Perfect Wardrobe and it's the Glam session! New mesh Kawaii Glitter Glam Kicks in 8 different colors!

These rigged mesh sneakers come in 3 sizes with a modifiable alpha. I've also included a non-rigged mesh version with resize scripts to fit child, tiny, and Petites!

All of these cute shoes comes with optional glitter particle sparklies for each foot to add a little flair to your feet! Get them all for 90L each only @ Perfect Wardrobe! Phew, ok that's it. I just finished decorating the store for Christmas and now you can get previous seasonal holiday items that o love for discounted prices in the courtyard of the main store. Ok, Grenade Free Wednesday is on deck, so until then toodles! *waves*

- Jade

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