Friday, November 02, 2012

Yay For Stompers & Hunt Prizes!

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Sorry for this post being a day late but that's right, Epic's rigged mesh neo mega stompers are here!

Available in 12 different colors, these mesh boots come in 3 different sizes with a modifiable alpha.

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I'm really excited about these because I was also able to make some bright colors like sunny shown above. And BECAUSE of all of the extra colors I decided to make add-ons that would go with all of the available colors...

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Available in 3 different styles: fans, stars and hearts these accessories come in 3 different sizes to exclusively fit the neo mega stompers.

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All of the add-ons also comes with a color-picker HUD to further customize the boots.

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And now onto hunt prizes!

Click here for more info, hints and the starting location!

Depraved Nation's Dirty Turkey 3.0 Hunt has just started yesterday and Epic's prize is an adorable turkey chapka hat just in time for Thanksgiving! Wait there's more! not only did this hunt start yesterday, the Jersey Shore's Fake Baked Turkey Hunt has just started too!

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Epic's prize a great kawaii pumpkin backpack! The backpack comes with particle sparklies and resize scripts and also contains mesh. Both hunts end on the 30th so you have plenty of time to grab these goodies! Ok, that's it for now.. On deck Epic VIP gifts and Perfect Wardrobe's Flower Power session. Toodles for now!


Posted by Jade Winthorpe at 4:14 PM

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