Thursday, November 15, 2012

Something A Little Flowery...

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This post is a tad late but here it is anyway!  There's lots of new groovy stuff for your inner flower child at Epic & Perfect Wardrobe! New mesh retro/boho tunic dresses, digi hippie-hipster huggers and mesh tie-dye crop tops!

The boho tunic dresses come in 4 different colors (my favorite shown above) exclusively made for Epic's VIP group cheapies for November. These special patterns will never be sold on the Marketplace or at the store so grab them while you can!

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The retro tunic dresses come in 8 different colors and are available in-world and on the Marketplace. Epic VIP members save 30% until the next release of course! And finally Perfect Wardrobe!

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Even though the session is well underway (sorry about that) the theme for this round is Flower Power! New digi hippie-hipster huggers jeans that come in 2 styles far out (with patches) and groovy (with no patches). Jeans have the usual bells & whistles and comes with and without hooves, hooves come in black and brown. I couldn't make jeans without making tops to match so I figured it was tie-dye time!

Mesh tie-dye tops in 4 different colors! These also come in 5 sizes with a modifiable alpha. You can get all of these groovy goodies at Perfect Wardrobe for 90L each. Ok, that's it! Back to work! On deck a little more groovy mesh and The Boobies Show is around the corner and I have sime kickass Sci-Fi items coming your way, until then toodles!

- Jade

Posted by Jade Winthorpe at 3:11 PM

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