Sunday, November 25, 2012

Awww Yeah, Cosmic Boobies!

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I've been real busy because of the holidays lately so this post is jammed packed with 2 releases this time around! It's a new round of The Boobies Show and Epic has something totally cosmic for you! New mesh space colony dresses in 9 different colors with appliers for Lolas 2.5 & Tango perfect for cosplay!

Created E for everyone, you don't need to have mesh/prim boobies to wear these sexy new space dresses.

I just LOVE the new Lolas Tangos! It is making clothing creation hella easy for them! So much so that I plan on making fairy outfits and such for them!

Anyway, look for these sexy exclusives only @ The Boobies Show now through Christmas. Once again it's a little late but still worth the wait. Even though Thanksgiving is officially over the Perfect Wardrobe Thanksgiving session is still going strong!

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New mesh Elfin/Elven ears in 5 different styles: plain, pierced, hooped, and sparrows with an exclusive turkey feather earring version for Perfect Wardrobe's Thanksgiving session that you can wear all year around!

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Get the ones shown above only @ Perfect Wardrobe for 90L each while the rest you can get at the main store where VIP group members save 30% until the next release. Phew, ok on deck Grenade Free Wednesday, my kawaii heart attach ski vest release and BEWBAPALOOZA, another exclusive boobie event, until next time!

- Jade

Posted by Jade Winthorpe at 10:03 PM

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