Tuesday, October 02, 2012

Epic Swag, Mesh & More!

Click here for a SLurl to Swag Fest!


This post is a few hours late but at least it's still on time, yay! Anyway, I'm going to try to keep this short and sweet because I've been really busy in SL lately. It's the beginning of October and a BUNCH of new events are on... Swag Fest has just started and Epic has lots of new mesh exclusives for this awesome event! Everything from swagilicious exclusives & dollarbies to new XYRoom exclusives and new gatcha festival items! First, there's an exclusive dollarbie at Swag Fest... New mesh checkered nerd glasses with a color picker HUD (shown above) that you can find outside of Queens Park which is right across from Epic's shop at the event...

And since my mesh kawaii guitars have been doing so well at the I love Rock n' Roll session of Perfect Wardrobe, I've decided to make a more unisex exclusive version just for Swag Fest! this cute guitar has the same bells and whistles as the other ones, but this is something the fellas will like I think!

There are also new mesh camo denim mini skirts in 4 different colors for 99L each! (Army shown above is my fave.) To help with lag the sim only allows 30 avatars at a time, but no worries Swag Fest doesn't end until the 31st! So there is plenty of time to grab all of these exclusives! Now on to XYRoom...

 Click here for a SLurl to XY Room!

For October's XYRoom, there are 2 chocolate mesh denim mini skirts in leopard and zebra print for only 75L each! Demos are available at both events and at the main store, so please try before you buy!

 Click here for a SLurl to the Monster Gatcha Festival!

And finally an exclusive kawaii acorn huggie gatcha only 15L a try at the Monster Gatcha Festival! These huggies come in 12 different styles and are transferable. Woot ok, that's it, short and sweet. There are sooooo many things are on deck this week so stay tuned!


Posted by Jade Winthorpe at 1:00 AM

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