Monday, September 24, 2012

New Rockin' Kawaii Mesh!

Click here for a SLurl to Perfect Wardrobe!


Perfect Wardrobe's I Love Rock n' Roll session just started today and man did I have fun with this one! I wanted to make some kind of kawaii accessory for this round so here it is! New & exclusive mesh kawaii leopard space star guitars in 8 different colors! These cuties have particle floating music notes, rocket smoke and sparklies that comes in 2 versions: backpack and playing animated that are both copyable with resize scripts. Get them for only 90L each for the next 2 weeks only at Perfect Wardrobe! After that they will be regular price (not sure about the price at the moment though, but now you're saving at least half). I will price them based on what I see on the Marketplace. These are just perfect for SL musicians!

Pink is my fave and it seems to be yours too! When I first started, I had a strap in mind but I started to figure a strap will be awkward to fit on any avatar, so with these no guitar strap is required because in the future we use star rocket thrusters! I really love how they turned out.


Black... Well that's it for now! Next up Swag Fest, LOTS of gatchas coming your way, hopefully Grenade Free Wednesday this week and Fi*Friday. I plan to make a lot of boobie things this week! Until next time... *waves*

~ Jade

Posted by Jade Winthorpe at 8:15 PM

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