Saturday, September 29, 2012

More From the Epic Boobies Collection!

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I've been hitting the ground running lately with Epic and phew I'm tired, there's so much to do! This is another release from the Epic Boobies Collection and FINALLY it's a release that you can find on the Marketplace! It's been several months since I put anything up since the Direct Delivery mess (which is still a mess but I'm happy to say I finally converted everything over), I must say I'm a wee bit annoyed after all of this time, LL decided to postpone the migration indefinitely. It really burns my biscuits because now I have about 250 items from the past several months back logged and waiting to be put on the Marketplace. Never mind the hundreds I never got around to putting up in the first place since the old store. So please just bare with me for a little while longer, I promise that everything will be up by the end of October (I'm adding stuff daily), anyway onto my favorites of the new release!

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I've revisted the ohio tops because I really love the quote from the tv show Cougar Town: "I've never been to Ohio. I just love this shirt because the O's highlight my boobs and it says Hi in the middle." And to me it just seemed really fitting for the Epic Boobies Collection. Anyway, the sets are available in 12 different colors, and includes a breast applier, a grey boob tube top on all layers, and mesh jogger shorts in 4 different sizes with a modifiable alpha. Epic VIP group members save 30% until the next release, so don't forget to wear your group tag!

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Yellow... Well that's it for now! There's so much on deck! Swag Fest, VIP gifts, gatcha festivals and more. Until then, toodles!


Posted by Jade Winthorpe at 6:12 PM

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