Saturday, September 22, 2012

Mesh Minis, Cute Boots & Slouchie Socks!

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I'm writing this a wee bit early because I will be gone for most of the day tomorrow. Anyway, all of these goodies are out now and I will be putting out the notice tomorrow morning before I leave... So... Epic has lots of new stuff! I've managed to squeeze out (had to take my written driving test to transfer my license to this new state this week, so it cut a couple of days out for me) some cuteness this week and there are new mesh denim mini skirts, mesh cowgirl boots and exclusive slouchie socks!

New mesh mini denim skirts! These skirts comes in 4 different washes, 5 sizes and 4 styles with a modifiable alpha. Above is leopard...



Basic... Epic VIP members save 30% on all of these skirts including fat packs until the next release. I've been wanting to redo my old lone-star cowgirl boots for a while and I managed to make some new mesh cuteness in the way of boots!

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New mesh leopard cowgirl boots in 8 different colors with 2 exclusive colors (rose & grey) for Fi*Friday! Boots come with resize scripts and a modifiable alpha.

Get these 2 for only 55L each at Fi*Friday or the main store. Don't forget to update your landmarks because Fi*Friday has moved. Epic VIP members save 30% on the other 6 colors of course! AND since tomorrow is the first day of Fall, there are some Fall exclusives for A Fall event!

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New & exclusive slouchie digi warmers for Cupcakes' Fall is in the Air Event! (September 22nd - October 6th) They are exclusively in 2 colors (autumn yellow shown above) and comes with and without hooves, and has hooves in black and brown. Get them for 100L each only at the Cupcakes sim!

Autumn orange... Ok, that's it for now, Perfect Wardrobe is on deck and the theme is I love Rock n' Roll! Yay, I'm so excited! I have a really cute idea, woohoo! Until next time!


Posted by Jade Winthorpe at 1:26 AM

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