Saturday, September 29, 2012

More From the Epic Boobies Collection!

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I've been hitting the ground running lately with Epic and phew I'm tired, there's so much to do! This is another release from the Epic Boobies Collection and FINALLY it's a release that you can find on the Marketplace! It's been several months since I put anything up since the Direct Delivery mess (which is still a mess but I'm happy to say I finally converted everything over), I must say I'm a wee bit annoyed after all of this time, LL decided to postpone the migration indefinitely. It really burns my biscuits because now I have about 250 items from the past several months back logged and waiting to be put on the Marketplace. Never mind the hundreds I never got around to putting up in the first place since the old store. So please just bare with me for a little while longer, I promise that everything will be up by the end of October (I'm adding stuff daily), anyway onto my favorites of the new release!

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I've revisted the ohio tops because I really love the quote from the tv show Cougar Town: "I've never been to Ohio. I just love this shirt because the O's highlight my boobs and it says Hi in the middle." And to me it just seemed really fitting for the Epic Boobies Collection. Anyway, the sets are available in 12 different colors, and includes a breast applier, a grey boob tube top on all layers, and mesh jogger shorts in 4 different sizes with a modifiable alpha. Epic VIP group members save 30% until the next release, so don't forget to wear your group tag!

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Yellow... Well that's it for now! There's so much on deck! Swag Fest, VIP gifts, gatcha festivals and more. Until then, toodles!


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Monday, September 24, 2012

New Rockin' Kawaii Mesh!

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Perfect Wardrobe's I Love Rock n' Roll session just started today and man did I have fun with this one! I wanted to make some kind of kawaii accessory for this round so here it is! New & exclusive mesh kawaii leopard space star guitars in 8 different colors! These cuties have particle floating music notes, rocket smoke and sparklies that comes in 2 versions: backpack and playing animated that are both copyable with resize scripts. Get them for only 90L each for the next 2 weeks only at Perfect Wardrobe! After that they will be regular price (not sure about the price at the moment though, but now you're saving at least half). I will price them based on what I see on the Marketplace. These are just perfect for SL musicians!

Pink is my fave and it seems to be yours too! When I first started, I had a strap in mind but I started to figure a strap will be awkward to fit on any avatar, so with these no guitar strap is required because in the future we use star rocket thrusters! I really love how they turned out.


Black... Well that's it for now! Next up Swag Fest, LOTS of gatchas coming your way, hopefully Grenade Free Wednesday this week and Fi*Friday. I plan to make a lot of boobie things this week! Until next time... *waves*

~ Jade

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Saturday, September 22, 2012

Mesh Minis, Cute Boots & Slouchie Socks!

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I'm writing this a wee bit early because I will be gone for most of the day tomorrow. Anyway, all of these goodies are out now and I will be putting out the notice tomorrow morning before I leave... So... Epic has lots of new stuff! I've managed to squeeze out (had to take my written driving test to transfer my license to this new state this week, so it cut a couple of days out for me) some cuteness this week and there are new mesh denim mini skirts, mesh cowgirl boots and exclusive slouchie socks!

New mesh mini denim skirts! These skirts comes in 4 different washes, 5 sizes and 4 styles with a modifiable alpha. Above is leopard...



Basic... Epic VIP members save 30% on all of these skirts including fat packs until the next release. I've been wanting to redo my old lone-star cowgirl boots for a while and I managed to make some new mesh cuteness in the way of boots!

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New mesh leopard cowgirl boots in 8 different colors with 2 exclusive colors (rose & grey) for Fi*Friday! Boots come with resize scripts and a modifiable alpha.

Get these 2 for only 55L each at Fi*Friday or the main store. Don't forget to update your landmarks because Fi*Friday has moved. Epic VIP members save 30% on the other 6 colors of course! AND since tomorrow is the first day of Fall, there are some Fall exclusives for A Fall event!

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New & exclusive slouchie digi warmers for Cupcakes' Fall is in the Air Event! (September 22nd - October 6th) They are exclusively in 2 colors (autumn yellow shown above) and comes with and without hooves, and has hooves in black and brown. Get them for 100L each only at the Cupcakes sim!

Autumn orange... Ok, that's it for now, Perfect Wardrobe is on deck and the theme is I love Rock n' Roll! Yay, I'm so excited! I have a really cute idea, woohoo! Until next time!


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Sunday, September 16, 2012

Boobies, Hunt Prizes & Mesh Oh My! 

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Epic has some new goodies & hunt prizes out right now! As promised, from the Epic Boobies Collection, new burlesque star sets in 8 different colors that comes with & without hooves in black/brown and a breast applier for Lolas & eBoobs!

Epic VIP members save 30% on these sets until the next release of course, which will give you about a week since I'm trying to releases my items weekly again. After this week I will start putting all of these items on the Marketplace. I still have a few odds and ends to finish in real life because of my recent move. Once that is hashed out I will put all of my recent releases on there straight away. Anyway, for this round of Fi*Friday, there is a new mesh flower patch shorts fat pack that comes in 4 different washes for only 55L!

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 You can get these at Epic or Fi*Friday. A demo is available so please try before you buy. And finally hunt prizes! There are 2 new hunt prizes with one exclusively for Petites that starts at Epic! Both hunts end on October 15th so you have plenty of time to grab these gifts!

Click here for a slurl to the starting location!

For Depraved Nation's The Autumn Effect Hunt I made a kawaii rotten acorn backpack that has falling leaves and particle sparklies! The backpack also comes with resize scripts so it will fit Petites too!

And for SL Unearthed's Big Things Small Packages Petites Hunt, there's a cartoon it strange daisy Fae parasol with a hold animation and color changing rain. This Petites hunt starts at Epic so click here for your first hint! Well that's it for now, enjoy the rest of your weekend! Grenade Free Wednesday is on deck. Now I'm going to play Guild Wars 2, woot! *waves*


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Friday, September 14, 2012

VIP Gifts & Grenade Free Boobies!

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This post is a day late but I'm slowly trying to catch up! Just getting over the middle of the week and yesterday Epic released lots of new goodies from very cute to very sexy! For September's VIP paid group gifts, there are 6 exclusive and ADORABLE kawaii varsity jackets for 5L each! They come in 5 different sizes and a modifiable alpha. I may keep some on the VIP favorites shelves after this month, but we'll see about that later this month. Anyway, above is Mr. octopus, here the rest...




Strawberry Cupcake... (Reminds me a bit of Strawberry Shortcake!)

And finally Wasabi! You do have some time to grab these jackets, I won't be putting the October exclusives out until the 2nd week in October (at least) because I have a lot of events starting that month. Anyway, as promised new things for Grenade Free Wednesday! Since I'm getting back into making sale previews for Grenade Free Wednesday, yesterday was no exception! I'm still on the burlesque kick and since I've been getting such positive feedback from my new Epic Boobies Collection, I just had to make some more! More super sexy lingerie before I go back to making new/converting more to the new collection...

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A new exclusive preview of Epic's next release just for Grenade Free Wednesday! A burlesque star set in bubblegum that comes with & without hooves in black/brown, a sock layer to wear with shoes and a breast applier for Lolas & eBoobs (Pasties are also on all SL clothing layers.).  Get it for 99L only @ the Jersey Shore and save 100L now until the end of the week (Saturday). This weekend I will be releasing 7 more colors for 199L a set which VIP group members will save 30%. Phew! Ok, that's it for now... I have 2 hunts starting on Saturday AND an a new release coming your way too, until next time. *waves*


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Monday, September 10, 2012

Epic Boobies!

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As promised, the first of many Epic boobie fashion to come! Revamped binary bodysuit sets in 12 different colors exclusively for prim boobies! The breast appliers fit Lolas 2.5 & eBoobs perfectly, and should also fit MCI and iBoobs. Personally I prefer Lolas especially since Luck Inc. has come out with some pretty awesome skin textures for them! I managed to buy a light tone made for a Body Co. skin and just tint it a little bit to match my Epic skins. Anyway... Onto to the new stuffs!

As usual SL clothing comes on all layers, and the set includes the bodysuit, gloves and breast applier. Baby pink is my fave at the moment and seems to be pretty popular all around. Since this is a new release, don't forget that VIP group members save 30% until the next release! Just wear your title and click the vip sign in front of each vendor and pay to save.

Silver... Ok, it's a little late because I'm a bit behind on work since moving across the country recently, but hey better late than never right? I couldn't forget about Fi*Friday you know! Here are some new mesh goodies...

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I've been wanting to add some mesh shorts to the store since I made mesh skinny jeans. I like these because they are long and perfect for wearing for fall the season into winter. You can get this exclusive chocolate color in 3 styles for 55L each at Fi*Friday or the main store. After this round they will poof forever, but don't worry there are more of the shorts out now at the store too!

These new mesh long jean shorts comes in 4 washes and 3 styles: paint, basic and distressed. Once again, VIP group members save 30% so don't forget to wear your group title!You can find all of these in the lobby. Phew, that's it for now. On deck: Perfect Wardrobe & VIP gifties for September. Soooo until tomorrow (or later today)!


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Wednesday, September 05, 2012

"I Told You to Give Me a Minute & I'll Be Right Back..."

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I'm back and officially settled in CA! Please bare with me while I play catch-up with the things I missed, like notes and event deadlines and such. Anyway, it's the middle of the week and I have sale items and exclusives for you with more to come this weekend! First up is this weeks Grenade Free Wednesday. I plan on making new items for this weekly event again, but due to the move and waiting for my internet to be set up, I didn't have time to make anything new this week. Soooooo... I put one of my most recent releases for 100L! Get them for this price this week only @ the Jersey Shore sim! There's a new round of XY Room and this is Epic's first exclusive in the event:

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An exclusive color or Epic's kawaii toaster baddie backpack in bad blood! Get this for 75L at September's XY Room. Phew! That's it for now, with LOTS more to come this weekend! Right now I'm working with prim boobie clothing since I've got some requests to make prim boobie clothes. The funny thing is, I use to wear them 3 years ago, but now they are finally in fashion... So, I plan on making some anime sexy inspired outfits and more. Anyway, so much to do and all kind of things to make, let me get back to work! Toodles!


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