Tuesday, August 21, 2012

See You In September SL...

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This will be my last blog post for this month even though I have hunt prizes and exclusives coming out in the next couple of weeks. See, I'm moving from NC to CA at the end of the week which will take all of next week to get there since we are driving across country. Sooooooo before I say see you in September SL let me gab about Epic's most recent releases!

It's Petites time! Since I have so much more room and prim space at the store, I thought it was about time I started making the Petites stuff I've been wanting to make for awhile. I didn't get around to everything I wanted to make this week because of packing and all, but this is a cute little release. Aviator Girl sets! They come in 12 different colors, with goggles and comes with and without full bright. VIP members get to save 30% off until the next release. Also, I was messing around with my cupcake jet-packs and luckily I found out that I didn't have to resize the particles and they fit perfectly! That was a very nice surprise, so all you have to do is shrink it about 80% to fit your Petite to get a kawaii aviator girl look. Thank goodness for resize scripts!

Teal... And now onto a little side release, Fae Faire for Petites!

My friend Andel suggested I started making my Fae Faire Home & Garden stuff for Petites, so here's the first! Wilted Strange Daisy Faery Swing Sets! They come in 6 different colors with colorful particles and 2 sit animations. It's almost exactly the same as my normal SL avatar one, but I decided to use the new acorn lamps I made for Epic, and I love it! And now onto mesh...

New mesh latex boots! These come in 6 different colors, with bubblegum and grape on sale for 55L each. (Which will stay that way since I will be moving, we'll see.) Anyway, they come in 5 different sizes with a modifiable alpha. VIP members save 30%, and you can find them in the shoe section. And finally, the Fairest of Them All Hunt! The hunt starts on the 25th and I decided to make a little something for regular SL avatars and Petites!

Click here for a SLurl to the starting location!

Since it's a fairytale themed hunt, why not make some exclusive wings? So, you can get these for 5L and they come in 2 sizes for normal SL avatars and Petites. Phew, ok now I'm FINALLY done. Anyway, see you in September SL, more goodies will be coming your way!


Posted by Jade Winthorpe at 12:31 PM

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