Friday, March 16, 2012

New Kawaii Backpacks & Hunt Prizes!

(Click the image above for a SLurl to the main store.)


Sadly this will be Epic's last La Venta Eventa because the sales group is closing March 30th, however at least I have some new happy cute stuff this weekend for you!

(Click the image above for a SLurl to the main store.)

New for La Venta Eventa! Cute Kawaii Mini Cupcake Jetpacks in 9 different colors! It comes with scripted and animated particle sparklies! You can find these in the lobby of the main store this weekend for 75L each, after that they will be regular price and available on the SL Marketplace. AND there's an extra color for fi*Fridays too!

(Click the image above for a SLurl to fi*Fridays.)

That's right, I made an exclusive mint color that is for fi*Fridays, get this for 55L at the main store or at the fi*Fridays event now through next Thursday! And finally hunt prizes...

(Click the image above for a SLurl to the starting location.)

There's a new hunt prize for the Depraved Spring Madness Hunt 2.0 that has just started! A Kyoot Potted Happy Fire Flower Nom-Nom that comes with a little blue animated butterfly! Get this only on the hunt, just click the picture above for the starting location at Depraved Nation. Well, that's it for now... ZombiePopcorn Brand is on deck for tomorrow, and Perfect Wardrobe is after that on Monday, so I have some more goodies coming your way really soon! Until next time...


Posted by Jade Winthorpe at 3:06 PM

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