Saturday, March 24, 2012

Better Late Than Never!

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Better late than never! See, I was going to release all of these new items yesterday but direct delivery kicked my ass! Ever since Wednesday when LL implemented the direct delivery system on the SL Marketplace the site has become soooooooooooooooo slow! They've managed to make it a little faster for the customer side of things, but the merchant pages now take a really long time to load! I've been working with these new listings for the past 5 hours and it was only 10 of them. Even though I was really upset about it last night, I will NOT give up! I have around 950 items on the marketplace, and around 40 that still needs to be added, but I am happy to say that around 700 of them are now available via direct delivery! So, I will try to get the rest finished this weekend with a lot of patience and persistence! Ok, anyway onto the new releases!

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New Mesh Kawaii Your Face Hoodies that come in 8 different colors and 3 sizes, and also comes with 3 fully modifiable alphas for the hoodie alone, and Epic's digi jeans & digi legs! And there's also new Supa-Dupa-Low Capri Jeans in 4 different washes and in regular & paint-splattered styles!

(Click the image above to buy online if you dare!)

I wanted to make these in some basic colors and bright Spring colors since kawaii is cute and happy. You can find the demos in-world at the main store.

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And I also made an exclusive color in sherbet for fi*Fridays! You can get this for 55L now through next Thursday then this exclusive color will poof forever! (Demos are available at the event too!) And finally a belated Grenade Free Wednesday!

(Click the image above for a SLurl to the Jersey Shore sim!)

I was out this past Wednesday so I didn't have time to announce this new exclusive item. This is an exclusive color of my Kawaii Cupcake Jetpacks in sherbet! Get this for only 49L throughout the weekend then this will also poof forever! Well that's it for now, back to working at a snails pace on the Marketplace! Toodles!


Posted by Jade Winthorpe at 6:01 PM

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