Monday, February 06, 2012

Perfect Wardrobe: Love & Hate!


Valentine's Day is around the corner, so the theme this session is Love & Hate! I've been hating my old digi socks from way back when that are retired on the Marketplace... So since it's been a while, I figured why not give them a new look?! And now I love them! I wanted the angles of the legs to be slight so they look natural, and I wanted the socks to be really slouchie so here you go!

What's great about these is that I think these will look good on avatars smaller than me so yay! They come in 5 different colors, has little heart buttons on the side, comes with & without hooves, and has hooves in black in brown. All out now for 90L only @ Perfect Wardrobe!

(Click image above for a SLurl to Perfect Wardrobe!)

Grenade Free Wednesday is on deck so toodles for now!


Posted by Jade Winthorpe at 12:53 PM

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