Saturday, January 21, 2012

Better Late Than Never!

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Better late than never! Things were a little busy this week with the Stop SOPA blackout and the La Venta Eventa list coming out late, but I've managed to get everything for La Venta & Grenade Free Wednesday done! For La Venta Eventa my theme is yummy toasty treats!

New Kawaii Mood Toast Nom-Noms in 5 different moods in a 50L pack, and Kawaii Happy Toaster Backpacks in 8 different colors, with animated teardrops and particle sparklies for 75L each! For now, you can find all of these goodies in the lobby of the main store. After this weekend though, I will put them up on the Marketplace for gift-giving at the regular price. My favorite colors are steel, pink and purple at the moment.


A customer made a suggestion for the mood toast and I managed to take it to another level. I'm really happy with this release and it's a nice start for La Venta Eventa too! And now onto belated Grenade Free Wednesday items!

This week I realized that I never made Blood Murder Boots for Neko/Kitsune! So... I decided to make a new banded version, with better textures and a version without feet for the Furries out there, so here they are! You can get these for 100L for the rest of the weekend at the main store and at the Jersey Shore sim.

For Neko & Kitsune... Phew, that's it! Next on deck is Perfect Wardrobe and the theme is Rainbows! I have some ideas so I hope I can get them out of my head in time. lol Until next time!


Posted by Jade Winthorpe at 1:07 PM

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