Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Grenade Free Backpacks!


It's another Grenade Free Wednesday and you know how I like exclusives! This week, I'm getting ready for January's FTLO Black Market, so I figured why not make some exclusive preview colors (Sea Green is above) of the new Gatcha I will be having for it!? Sooooo, you can get these 2 exclusive colors now through the end of the month only at Grenade Free Wednesday for 39L each. I hope you like them!


(Click for a SLurl to the Jersey Shore Sim.)

Okies, back to work! Lots more to come. Considering what has just happened, I may be switching around the gifts for next month for the VIP group. Anyway we'll see, until next time, toodles!


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I'm just about to put the notice out for GFW, but my SL was rocked a little even before I logged in. Basically what I do before I log into SL, is turn my comp on, then check my e-mail accounts while I log in so I know what to expect when it comes to customer service. So I get this offline message from one of the owners of a monthly sales event I got invited to participate in... Basically this person was saying (rudely) how dare I make skins, I was suppose to make shoes and accessories for the event. When I was invited I was given a price list, and was told I could make anything I want, just keep it in these price ranges for affordability. Easy Peasy. I've been wanting to make some darker tones of my Elf and Demon Skins for a while and some new ones, so last night I was playing in PS and came up with some nice ones, so I thought it would be perfect for this event because they are sexy. So suffice it to say, I'm now out of the event. I had to leave, apparently they are to dictate what designers make in this event and I am not allowed to make skins. Never mind the fact that EVERYONE made clothes this session. What gets me is when I picked out my vendors there were only 2 designers in the skin room (still are). Gah. Whatever. I had a bad feeling about this, yet I did it anyway. I need to follow my gut when it comes to agreeing to be apart of certain projects. So for now I will stick with FTLO, ZP, PW & Depraved Events, along with a few hunt groups that I'm in that turn out great hunts. Trust your gut! Lesson learned.

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Thursday, December 22, 2011

The Luxe Parka Vests Are Finally Here!

(Click above for a SLurl to the main store.)


Phew it's FINALLY done! And there's so much going on too! Well the Luxe Parka Vests are here and you can find them on the Marketplace and in-world @ the main store. Also, the Ozimals Puffling Present Pursuit starts today and all of the vests (in-world only) have the Passport HUD to get you on your way for the hunt. Oh, and I forgot to mention I made a really cute Hootie Chapka as my prize for it too! So let's get started!

(Click above to buy online at the Marketplace.)

The Luxe Parka Vests come in 15 rich and vibrant colors, and are made to exclusively match my Kawaii Monkey/Elephant & Knit Digi Warmers. I decided to add another color into the mix because I loved it so much too! (It's chocolate by the way.) For the Ozimals Puffling Present Pursuit, all of the vests (in-world ONLY) has the Passport HUD. Keep reading for more info!

(Click above to buy online at the Marketplace.)


(Click above to buy online at the Marketplace.)

Purple... And you can save 50% on all of the colors and by buying the fat pack in-world! And now onto the Ozimals Puffling Present Pursuit!

(Click above for a SLurl to the main store for more info.)

***Prizes won't be available until 7pm SLT.***

I made an exclusive Hootie Chapka for this event! The event runs from December 22nd and ends on January 12th. This event is to help celebrate Ozimals newest breedable pet, the Pufflings! It's pretty easy, 1 purchase (from any of the participating stores with items that have the Puffling Present Pursuit Seal) = 1 no copy HUD. 1 HUD with all of the stamps (from the participating stores) gets you 1 prize of your choice from the gift kiosk. Get more HUDs to get more prizes! I have well over 50 items at the store with the HUDs in them with prices ranging from 15L to 339L, so there's a little something for everyone. To get the full list of stores, there are signs all over the new release areas and events board of the main store.

So that's pretty much it, I am now officially on holiday vacation! Woot! I hope you have a great holiday too! Happy Holidays and until next time, toodles!!!


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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Grenade Free Parka Vests!


I'm going to make this quick because I will be having a release tomorrow! The Ozimals Puffling Present Pursuit starts tomorrow and I wanted to put the event HUDs in my new release! Anyway, this is a pre-release of my new Luxe Parka Vests. See, I will be retiring my old Snow Bunny Down Jackets & Vests for 99L to the Marketplace to make room for these new parka vests. So today get this exclusive color for 100L and save 239L only at Grenade Free Wednesday!

The pack comes with 2 vests with black/brown fur and buttons that match my chapkas and digi warmers. And in case you missed it, I also put the matching Monkey/Elephant Chapka Hats & Knit Digi Warmers back out for today for 90L each. So you can get the complete set!

(Click above for a SLurl to the Jersey Shore Sim.)

Okies, back to work, so that's it for now. Toodles!


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Friday, December 16, 2011

Epic Hunt Prizes & Gatchas!

(Click image above for a SLurl to the starting location.)


There's more events coming your way from Epic! A Depraved & Desolate Winter Hunt and the Naughty & Depraved Gatcha Street Fair just started, and I have some cute new items for you! For the hunt I made a cute Kawaii Black Grenade Huggie with hug animation and an animated spark. The hunt ends January 15th so you have time to grab my prize. Now onto gatchas!

(Click the image above for a SLurl to the Street Fair.)

The Naughty & Depraved Gatcha Street Fair just started today and I made horns and wings! These Winged Succubus Horns comes in 12 different colors and are transfer with resize scripts. Only 29L a try too! Just Click the image above for a SLurl to the Fair.

(Click the image above for a SLurl to the Street Fair.)

And of course I had to make matching wings! These Chained Mini Demon Sparkle Wings also comes in 12 different colors, and are also transferable with resize scripts. Only 39L a try and comes with particle sparkles.

Phew, that's it! I hope you like the new items! I'm going to take a little break for a day or 2, then I have to make my exclusive prize for the Ozimals launch for their Pufflings breedables. Woot, I'm excited! I'm going to make some neat prizes for the hunt! Well until next time, toodles!


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Tuesday, December 13, 2011

More Holiday Exclusives & Hunt Prizes...


Man, I've been really run down lately, I think the fluctuating weather is really taking it's toll. Actually it's more than that, a lot more, but I won't get into it. Anyway, there's more holiday exclusives from Epic! First we have a new session of Perfect Wardrobe and the theme is Christmas of course. I decided to try and keep it simple, so I call these Simply Christmas Boots. These boots are pretty simple, with red and green striped socks, red and green blinking lights, a little snow and some optional crunchy snow sounds. I didn't want to go overboard so here they are!

I took off the toenails I usually put on my Neko/Kitsune boots to try something a little different, and I think they came out better, these are definitely my favorite! These boots come with and without paws for more options for you Furry av's out there.

The Faun/Demon ones comes with hooves in black and brown... You can get these both for 90L @ Perfect Wardrobe. I hope you like them!

(Just click above for a SLurl to Perfect Wardrobe.)

Ok, now onto Grenade Free Wednesday and the Twelve Days of Christmas Hunt at the Jersey Shore!

The Twelve Days of Christmas Hunt just started yesterday at the Jersey Shore and I just had to make something cute for you guys! This sim-wide hunt has over 40 designers with hidden goodies for 12L each in their shops. The hunt ends on the 25th so you better grab them while you can. For the hunt, I made a Kawaii Sparkle Christmas Ornament Backpack with sparklies! Just look for a silver star in my shop to grab it. And finally Grenade Free Wednesday...

Still trying to keep with the theme of simple this week, I made striped versions of my Knit Digi Warmers. The Digi Warmers come in 4 different colors, comes with and without hooves, and has hooves in black and brown. You can get each for 75L a pair only @ Grenade Free Wednesday. I would have to say that these 2 are definitely my fave.


(Just click above for a SLurl to the Jersey Shore.)

Well that's it for now, more to come on Friday... Until next time, toodles!


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Wednesday, December 07, 2011

Epic Winter & Holiday Stuff!


There's LOTS of new stuff at Epic this December! I've finally released my Kawaii Knit Monkey & Elephant Chapkas, AND Knit Digi Warmers today, YAY! It's been pretty hectic the past week, so I'm running a little late... I wanted to release these this past weekend, but better late than never! I did however manage to put out my VIP group gifts, so here we go! Oh, and it's Grenade Free Wednesday too!

(Click here to above on the Marketplace.)

Get these for 100L @ the Jersey Shore sim, now through December 9th (in case you miss it today), and save 79L too! These adorable Monkey Chapkas come in 14 different colors, and since white is my favorite at the moment, why not put this new release on sale?

(Click above to buy on the Marketplace.)

AND also for Grenade Free Wednesday, you can get these for 100L @ the Jersey Shore sim, now through December 9th and save 189L too! These new Knit Digi Warmers come in 14 different colors, and also come with and without hooves, AND hooves and details in black and brown to match the new Chapkas. Just click below for an SLurl to the sim!

(Click above for a SLurl to the Jersey Shore sim.)

(Click above to buy on the Marketplace.)

My Kawaii Knit Elephant Chapkas come in 6 different colors, and I would have to say grey is my fave!

And now for some holiday newness!

Santa Baby!

(Click above to buy on the Marketplace.)

These Santa Baby Dresses come in 3 different colors with black tape pasties, are on all layers, AND has a fully modifiable sculpted skirt. Epic VIP Group members get these dresses for free this month! Now on to VIP gifts!

(Click above for an SLurl to the main store!)

This month along with the dresses, VIP members get 10 other exclusive gifts! Since there's soooo many, I will only post a few favorites. The Kitchy Kristmas Succubus Ears are definitely one of my favorites! They are fully mod with an 8 skin tone texture changer with cute little Christmas wreath earrings. I totally love them!

And since the holidays are coming up, I wanted to make a Christmas version of my Knit Digi Warmers just for my VIP members! These have the same bells and whistles but has little matching Christmas wreaths at the knees. You can also get these in the main lobby of the store.

And finally Christmas Snowman Huggies! There's 2 different kinds under the Christmas tree as gifts but this Christmas one is my favorite! These come with a hug animation and glitter and snow sparklies! There's also Christmas Stocking Noms with candy cane givers, Demon Santa Hats with blinking Christmas lights all under the tree just for you! Anyway, that's it! I really hope you enjoy all of the new stuff. I still have a lot more events I'm in this month, so that means more prizes, gifts and exclusives, yay! And I want to make some matching cozy outfits to match the knits, and some new fantasy skins, I think it's about time I made some new ones, I have a few ideas on some. Ok, until next time, toodles!


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Friday, December 02, 2011

Epic Holiday Exclusives!

(Click above for a SLurl to FTLO Black Market.)


Wow, there's sooo much going on! First, since Apple will be discontinuing their MobileMe service next June, I now have migrate ALL of my images from this blog to my new Imageshack paid account. So since I'd have to pay for a new image hosting service, I figured that I might as well buy a new domain name too! So here's! It will take a few months (hopefully sooner) to transition all the previous photos before this post, but now all of my images will be coming from Imageshack. I really like the service so far too! I 1st looked into seeing if I could use my Flickr Pro account, but apparently using it for site image hosting violates Community Standards, so I didn't want to take a chance. Okies with all of that said, on to new holiday exclusives!

(Click above for a SLurl to FTLO Black Market.)

New & exclusive for the FTLO Black Market! This month, all items by designers will be transferable & gift boxed for holiday gift giving! These Snowy Rickety Mushie Holiday Parasols come in 4 different colors (black, red, green & white), has particle snow you can turn on and off, scripted blinking Christmas lights, comes with and without animations and a candy cane nom giver. Each one is 100L and transferable with resize scripts!

(Click above for a SLurl to ZombiePopcorn's Dark Magic Winter.)

AND new & exclusive for ZombiePopcorn's Dark Magic Winter! This 2 week event has all kinds of designers with new exclusive items! I've made Festive Faun Legs in Black and Dark Brown & Decorative Demon Legs in Black exclusively for this event! All 3 are 199L(save 100L) each and comes with optional snow sounds, blinking lights, sparkles, a candy cane giver & hooves in black & brown.

(Click above for a SLurl to ZombiePopcorn's Dark Magic Winter.)

Okies, phew that's it! Now time to pack up this months VIP Group gifts and my next release. Until then toodles!


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