Wednesday, September 28, 2011

As promised, FINALLY!


It's Grenade Free Wednesday @ the Jersey Shore sim again and I have 2 preview goodies just for you! Finally I finished my Baggy Fleece Sweaters to where I like them, so why not have put out some exclusive colors right? So here they are! Get these in peach and chocolate for only 35L today, then these colorswill poof forever! Now back to work, October is the month of MANY events! Hunts & exclusive deals and such, so stay tuned!

In peach... Just click the GFW poster below for a taxi to the Jersey Shore sim. Enjoy!

(Click above for a SLurl.)

Okies that's it for now! Toodles!


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Sunday, September 25, 2011

Yummy Chocolate @ a Sunday Bake Sale!

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It's been a while, but Cupcake's Sunday Bake Sale is back on with lots of yummy goodies for 50L or less! This Sunday I made an exclusive color of my Sho-Low Faun/Demon Danger pants in chocolate by request! The pants are on all layers and comes with hooves in black or brown. Get them while it's hot, for only 50L today, then it will poof! Enjoy!


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Saturday, September 24, 2011

Jump Into Saturday Night Fevah!


Phew, I love this time of year, too bad my sinuses don't. :p Anyway, it's Epic's turn for Saturday Night Fevah and I made some cute new Fancy Faery Pogo Sticks! These highly detailed pogo sticks are accented with ivy, acorns & mushrooms. I really hope you like them!

They come in 10 different colors with an 11th exclusive color for only 40L today, then it will poof! So save 89L today! Each pack comes with 3 pogo sticks (jumping, static and no animations). AND you can turn animations on and off by typing a few simple commands in local chat.

Like my rickety mushie parasols, these come in 10 colors that are shown above. Anyway, that's it for now. A lot of exclusive will be coming your way really soon, so watch out! until then, toodles!


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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Grenade-Free Turtlenecks!


It's Grenade-Free Wednesday, and today I made an exclusive color of my most recent release of Pocket Turtleneck Sweaters! Get this sweater in baby pink for only 79L today then it will poof!

I hope you like it! By the way, my shop @ the Jersey Shore moved a bit, so make sure you use the new SLurl from this post. Enjoy!

(Click above to visit the Jersey Shore.)

Until next time!


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Sunday, September 18, 2011

Phew I Made It!


It took all weekend but I FINALLY finished! So Fall is here and I've decided that it was time to make some new Fall stuffs! So it's time to stop thinking of Summer and make some new warm and cozies! So I decided to work on some leg warmers and turtleneck sweaters for Fall this week!

(Click image above to buy online.)

Even though I started the leg warmers earlier in the week, I came up with these soon after, it's one of the reasons why this release took so long because of all of the little details I added to the sweaters. Anyway, these are available in 15 different colors, and has button accents in black & brown, AND the bottom Sweater Prim is FULLY modifiable for easy fitting for avatar & prim breasts! Woot, I love these a bunch and chocolate (the color above) is my favorite.

(Click image above to buy online.)

These also exclusively match my new leg warmer sets! Now on to the leg warmers...

(Click image above to buy online.)

These also are available in 15 colors but these come with no hooves for you people out there that want more options in feet and footwear. And the usual black and brown hooves of course! These are a few of my favorites of the bunch.

(Click image above to buy online.)


(Click image above to buy online.)

Black... Well that's it, I hope you enjoy this release, it's my favorite of the month so far too! Hopefully, I will be able to get some of those baggy sweaters out for Grenade Free Wednesday, I didn't put them in this release because they just didn't look right to me, so I will try again tomorrow. I want to work on the collar and sleeve cuffs, we'll see how it goes. Phew, ok that's it for now. Toodles!


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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Grenade-Free Wednesday, Hunt Prizes & Profile Thieves Oh My!


It's been an... interesting week so far. Good points? I'm working on new stuff that I will be releasing this weekend and The Fall TV season has officially started yesterday, YAY! Bad? Sadly, Albero closed its doors yesterday, and some lame fool stole my profile pic! So where to begin? Ok, it's now Fall and I'm starting to make some warmer clothing stuffs, (cute and sexy of course) as you can see above. The palette for my new stuff will be more darker and richer because it's time to shed the colors of summer! Soooo... Get these storybook style leg warmers for only 100L today @ Grenade Free Wednesdays! This 19 piece set comes with and without hooves and black & brown button accents. They will be regular price once all 15 colors are released this weekend, so get this exclusive preview and save 179L today at the Jersey Shore sim!

Click the GFW sign below for a SLurl!

Ok and finally this mess. I'm happy I waited a couple of days to talk about this because I was LIVID earlier this week, but made myself put it aside to get work done. It sure wasn't easy. Anyway, a couple of days ago I get this IM: "hi", and that's it. I then decide to check the profile because it might be a customer who needs help, and look what I F@#$ing found? This FOOL stole my profile pic! Well, I don't know if my very angry IM or the AR I filed made them take it down but it's ok now, thankfully. I had to keep saying to myself, better the profile pic then being stuff from my store. I was soooooo mad! I banned them and the people associated with the blog they had in their profile. (Harsh maybe, but this definitely required the ban hammer! I'm better now, but I am just amazed that this even happened. I didn't even realize that this was just another form of trolling and griefing until my bf pointed it out. I mean stealing the picture, then IMing me about it, this person wanted a reaction. I mean how patheitc do you have to be to even consider doing something like this? What's missing in your life that you feel the need to troll and grief others? I know times are tough, but come on! Ok. Phew I'm done now. Anyway back to work! :p


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Wednesday, September 07, 2011

Grenade-Free Parasols!


Man, it seems like this week is going really slow! Maybe it's because of the holiday and changes, you know people going back to school and such. Anyway, it's Grenade-Free Wednesday again and I have some new stuff! This week, I've made some of my color changing Fae rain parasols (Strange Daisy & Rickety Mushie) in 2 new colors only for GFW! Get them for 85L or less today, then these exclusive colors will poof forever! Some of you missed my Rickety Mushie Parasol item for Saturday Night Fevah a couple of weeks ago, so I figured what not give ya a chance to get another one?!

Enjoy! Just click below for a SLurl.

(Click above to visit the Jersey Shore sim.)

I may be taking a break this week, been feeling a little burned out, so we'll see, I just bought Borderlands and have been playing it with Justin on the Xbox, it's a lot of fun, even though I suck at 1st person shooters lol. Ok, until next time, toodles!


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Saturday, September 03, 2011

Back to School!

(Click image above to buy online.)


It's the beginning of September and phew, I finally got this released! I've been wanting to redo my old school uniforms for many, many, MANY months! And yay, they are finally finished and released! So my old Keiko Kutie School Uniforms have officially been discontinued, you won't even find them on the Marketplace anymore. And since school is starting up for so many people, I figured why not make Back to School this months theme for the VIP group too? So here we go! Available in 8 different colors, this 22 piece set has lots of clothing options, and has been especially made for the more curvy girl in mind. You can go from cute to very sexy with just a few quick & simple clothing changes! I was trying to go for light costume play, so I don't think these are appropriate for any Harry Potter RP. But anyway, I hope you like them!

(Click image above to buy online.)


(Click image above to buy online.)

Grey... And now on to this months VIP group gifts!

These exclusives won't be sold @ the store ever! Just reminding ya! This is an exclusive color of my new uniforms just for you VIP members.

Cute Kawaii Happy Lunch bag nom-nom! This is in the lucky board this month!

And finally another exclusive gift, a Book n' Kawaii Koffee Prop, it has particle steam too! Well that's it for now. It's Labor Day Weekend, and I'm ready to relax. *Sigh* So I hope you have a nice holiday, and good luck to you & yours for school. Toodles!


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