Saturday, March 26, 2011

Back to basics!!!


Ok, so I'm going to try to make this post short and sweet, since I've been cranking out lots of stuff for the Fantasy Faire in April. So I started off this week with wanting to make Faun legs to go with all my Faun ear and tail attachments. After many months, I can finally say I now have Faun legs that I love! So I really hope you love them as much as I do! I made sure they match the 12 colors of Faun ears and tails I already have at the store. Once I finished these, I got a note from a customer asking about my retired basic tees. Of course that gave me an idea to redo some of my basic stuff and make new stuff on top of that! So above and below there you have it! Here are my faves of this weeks release:

(Click on image above to buy online.)

These Socked Faun legs match my new color changing Arm Warmer slouchies (which you will see below). The socks are my favorite part.

(Click on image above to buy online.)

Basic of course. I wanted to make only knee length Faun & Demon legs so you can wear all kinds of clothes without looking off.

(Click on image above to buy online.)

Yay for Demon legs! I made those Bat Wing Antlers and Venomancer tails a few weeks ago, so I wanted to add these simple black Demon legs to the mix. look great with my Dark Elfin skins too!

(Click on image above to buy online.)

Sexy v-neck crop tops in 12 colors.

(Click on image above to buy online.)

Sexy crop tops in 12 colors.

(Click on image above to buy online.)

And sexy Henleys in 12 colors.

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I absolutely love these ripped cowgirl cutoffs! I just stuff them all into a fatpack.

(Click on image above to buy online.)

i would like to say, that I think these are my best arm warmers yet! And not only do they match my Socked Faun Legs, the have my new color picker HUD too!

(Click on image above to buy online.)

And finally my color changing Spiked Belt. This is a variation of the Spiked Belt I had in my lat release with the Spiked Jumper/One Piece sets. They look great with shorts, dresses or pants! Anyway, that's it! I'm taking a break tonight then tomorrow I will be back at it! After all, Fantasy Faire is only a week away and I have to cook up something extra special and yummy for ya! Until next time!


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Monday, March 14, 2011

The Diamond is Mine Hunt 2 is here!

(Click image above for more info.)


That's right! Once again Epic is in the Diamond is Mine Hunt! For this second round, I made an adorable Pim's out of luck nom-nom. With falling Pixie dust and a four-leaf clover, it will definitely be a kawaii Saint Patrick's Day! Just click the sign above for more info on where to start your hunt!

Have fun and happy huntin'!


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Saturday, March 12, 2011

Fashion For Life is FINALLY Here!


First off, this post is gonna have ooooodles of pics! So, Fashion For Life is FINALLY here! The event opened right after Relay For Life's opening ceremonies which I went to with my relay team. It was fun and very inspiring! I'm so excited to relay this season! I'll be honest, I've been on a few relay teams throughout the years I've been in SL (5 years exactly tomorrow), and I have to say this team, Friends Fighting Cancer is where I feel I truly belong! There's a lot of fantasy peeps in this group and you know that's what I love! Anyway, on to the new releases!

I made 8 new one piece/jumper sets, the one above being in the Relay For Life vendor. I wanted to make something fun and affordable for this event so here it is! I won't sell any of these at the main store or on the Marketplace until after Fashion For Life... Oh and as you can see, there's an Epic skin logo in the pic. From now on, any ads featuring my skins will have this logo. :)

In black...

In hot pink...

In yellow... Ok, now onto the other items in the RFL vendors AND my Fashion For Life hunt prize.

Dolly Patches in purple...

Skully Bow Romper in purple...

Basic snug hoodie in purple...

And for my hunt prize, a kyoot dottie corset dress. Ok that's it for now! After having issues with my subscribo-matic which I'm happy to say is fixed, I'm now going to go to the FFL event sim to see what parties are going on. Now don't forget to have fun & RELAY! I'll post more pics during the week! :)


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Thursday, March 10, 2011

Fashion For Life is almost here!

(Click image above to visit the official Fashion For Life site!)


So finally after months of hard work bringing you guys fresh designs weekly, Fashion For Life is only 2 days away! I've been working hard these past few months so I can put really nice stuff in the vendors to fight cancer. First off, in case you don't know, formerly known as the RFL Clothing Fair, Fashion for Life is the fashion arm of the Relay for Life movement in Second Life supporting the American Cancer Society. It was re-branded to offer a broader spectrum of things for your avatar. It ain't just clothes anymore! So... I have 5 items, 1 of which is a new release, that is totally top notch! I'm sooo excited, and I'm proud to say EVERYTHING in the store is new and was not in last years clothing fair. Man, I've been working hard. Anyway, Fashion For Life is the 1st event that will kick of the RFL charity season which runs from March to July. I am honored and feel very lucky that I can use my talent to participate in this event to help find a cure! Oh! And I almost forgot to mention that next month is the Fantasy Faire, and in May is the Home & Garden Expo, all events for Relay For Life that I will be in too! So I am very excited, and ready to go! My store, and RFL vendors are ready to go, so let's relay! Here's some pics to hold you over, this years theme is black & white, so all 9 sims are beautifully built and inspired by famous photographers! I'm in the Irving Penn sim. I will be posting the items for charity once the event is open. AND putting up pics of the fair during next week. Have fun and don't forget to donate!


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Friday, March 04, 2011

The new fantasy skins & shapes are here!


The skins and shapes are finally here! My old skins have been packed up and deleted. SO yay! above is my favorite picture out of the bunch. I'm wearing my new Venomancer bat wing horns and Dark Elfin skin, andI loved it so much I used it for my new skin classified ad. Btw, this post will be short because I'm soooo tired lol.

New Faelfin skin, and Venomancer antlers. My character from Perfect World International use to look like this when I started playing, well kinda anyway...

This one is Aine, my favorite out of my new normal tone skins. It comes in cream, fair, tan, mocha and chocolate.

AND Venomancer bat wing horns! I love these, they are so cute!

I wanted to make some alternative Veno antlers. These look pretty close to the ones you see in Perfect World. Okies, well that's it for me. I'm tired and I have a lot to do next week, getting ready for the Relay For Life, Fashion For Life Fair. Toodles!


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Wednesday, March 02, 2011

I'm sucker punching you!


Took a break from skins & shapes to make this months VIP gifts! *Sigh* All I have to do now are the demos for all the skins and shapes, so it will be ready in a couple of days. Anyway, sucker punch! I've been waiting for this movie FOREVER and it's coming out this month, yay! I'm so excited!!!

Click here to check the official site out.

I made Babydoll's adorable dress in the movie. The cosplay community seems to be really embracing it, so I decided to bring it into SL. This outfit will not be sold @ the store or on the Marketplace, so get it while it's hot! The gift includes a dress and stockings. Now for skins...

Another skin teaser! I'm really loving my new skin collection and I think you will too! Babydoll is in the lucky board (and it's an exclusive skin that won't be sold at the store) as I speak and comes with and without cleavage. Okies, that's it for now. *Sigh again* tomorrow is demo day... It's just soooo tedious. :( Well, enjoy!


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