Tuesday, December 13, 2011

More Holiday Exclusives & Hunt Prizes...


Man, I've been really run down lately, I think the fluctuating weather is really taking it's toll. Actually it's more than that, a lot more, but I won't get into it. Anyway, there's more holiday exclusives from Epic! First we have a new session of Perfect Wardrobe and the theme is Christmas of course. I decided to try and keep it simple, so I call these Simply Christmas Boots. These boots are pretty simple, with red and green striped socks, red and green blinking lights, a little snow and some optional crunchy snow sounds. I didn't want to go overboard so here they are!

I took off the toenails I usually put on my Neko/Kitsune boots to try something a little different, and I think they came out better, these are definitely my favorite! These boots come with and without paws for more options for you Furry av's out there.

The Faun/Demon ones comes with hooves in black and brown... You can get these both for 90L @ Perfect Wardrobe. I hope you like them!

(Just click above for a SLurl to Perfect Wardrobe.)

Ok, now onto Grenade Free Wednesday and the Twelve Days of Christmas Hunt at the Jersey Shore!

The Twelve Days of Christmas Hunt just started yesterday at the Jersey Shore and I just had to make something cute for you guys! This sim-wide hunt has over 40 designers with hidden goodies for 12L each in their shops. The hunt ends on the 25th so you better grab them while you can. For the hunt, I made a Kawaii Sparkle Christmas Ornament Backpack with sparklies! Just look for a silver star in my shop to grab it. And finally Grenade Free Wednesday...

Still trying to keep with the theme of simple this week, I made striped versions of my Knit Digi Warmers. The Digi Warmers come in 4 different colors, comes with and without hooves, and has hooves in black and brown. You can get each for 75L a pair only @ Grenade Free Wednesday. I would have to say that these 2 are definitely my fave.


(Just click above for a SLurl to the Jersey Shore.)

Well that's it for now, more to come on Friday... Until next time, toodles!


Posted by Jade Winthorpe at 11:21 PM

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