Thursday, December 22, 2011

The Luxe Parka Vests Are Finally Here!

(Click above for a SLurl to the main store.)


Phew it's FINALLY done! And there's so much going on too! Well the Luxe Parka Vests are here and you can find them on the Marketplace and in-world @ the main store. Also, the Ozimals Puffling Present Pursuit starts today and all of the vests (in-world only) have the Passport HUD to get you on your way for the hunt. Oh, and I forgot to mention I made a really cute Hootie Chapka as my prize for it too! So let's get started!

(Click above to buy online at the Marketplace.)

The Luxe Parka Vests come in 15 rich and vibrant colors, and are made to exclusively match my Kawaii Monkey/Elephant & Knit Digi Warmers. I decided to add another color into the mix because I loved it so much too! (It's chocolate by the way.) For the Ozimals Puffling Present Pursuit, all of the vests (in-world ONLY) has the Passport HUD. Keep reading for more info!

(Click above to buy online at the Marketplace.)


(Click above to buy online at the Marketplace.)

Purple... And you can save 50% on all of the colors and by buying the fat pack in-world! And now onto the Ozimals Puffling Present Pursuit!

(Click above for a SLurl to the main store for more info.)

***Prizes won't be available until 7pm SLT.***

I made an exclusive Hootie Chapka for this event! The event runs from December 22nd and ends on January 12th. This event is to help celebrate Ozimals newest breedable pet, the Pufflings! It's pretty easy, 1 purchase (from any of the participating stores with items that have the Puffling Present Pursuit Seal) = 1 no copy HUD. 1 HUD with all of the stamps (from the participating stores) gets you 1 prize of your choice from the gift kiosk. Get more HUDs to get more prizes! I have well over 50 items at the store with the HUDs in them with prices ranging from 15L to 339L, so there's a little something for everyone. To get the full list of stores, there are signs all over the new release areas and events board of the main store.

So that's pretty much it, I am now officially on holiday vacation! Woot! I hope you have a great holiday too! Happy Holidays and until next time, toodles!!!


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